How to Enjoy Summer Camping at Home

Going camping can be a great family summertime activity. However, it isn’t always a practical option for everyone. Whether it’s where you live, the cost, health complications, or you just don’t have the time, camping outdoors can be more difficult for some than others. If you and your kids are looking to share in camping activities together but you just can’t make it work in the great outdoors, consider options for setting up in your own home. Here are a few ways that you can satisfy your family’s need for a camping trip without ever having to go outside.

Make a Blanket Fort

Unless you have access to a particularly large room, setting up a comfortable tent probably isn’t in the cards. You can make a very good substitute, though, with some furniture and a few blankets. If you’re willing to jump back into this childhood method of construction, you can actually capture much of the fun of sleeping outside without having to worry about rain or bugs. Add some sleeping bags, a cool breeze from an electric fan, and some cricket noises from your phone, and your mind will be transported to a night under the stars. 

Use the Fireplace

The next big thing to tackle is the fire. When most people go camping, the fire pit becomes a central hub. It’s where you get light, get warmth, and where you cook your food. If you want to recapture some of that same magic, why not use your fireplace? Not only is it much safer and easier to control, but you can still use it for fun activities like roasting hotdogs or making smores. You may need to think about having a fireplace installation in your home before you can try this tip, but it can open up both summer and winter activities for your family to share in. 

Decorate with Lights

Another thing you might miss if you’re camping inside if the view of the night sky. While you can’t quite replicate the view of the heavens from inside your house, you can make a very enchanting scene with a little bit of work. Try to find some fairy lights to string up above where you sleep and add a few glow-in-the-dark stars to make your own night sky. Fairy lights can also be lit in a bundle on the floor to simulate a fire if a fireplace isn’t an option for you.

Add Indoor Ferns

The final touch for most indoor campers is adding a bit of foliage. While you aren’t going to get grass or trees, you can still add a little bit of greenery to bring the illusion of being outside home. In this case, you’ll just need some nice indoor ferns to complete your indoor camping set. If you’re not interested in maintaining these plants long-term, you can easily use fake plants to create the same aesthetic, or create your own with card stock and markers.

Camping inside can be quite a bit of fun. Use your imagination to make your home feel like the outdoors and then camp out overnight. The important thing isn’t where you are, after all – it’s the time you spend together. 

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