MomCozy Launches BabyCozy, Trickling Down Parents’ Love Through Cozy Design 

Major mom care brand MomCozy announced a new sub-brand, BabyCozy, focused on bringing comfort and care to all babies.

Over the past years, Momcozy has built a reputation as a brand dedicated to making new moms’ lives more comfortable and convenient.  With the announcement of BabyCozy, it hopes to extend its comfortable design and love to babies. 

Thinking ahead for parents, caring just like parents

Momcozy launches BabyCozy, trickling down parents’ love through cozy design

Through years of experience, Momcozy has gained the trust and support of millions of mothers. Momcozy knows moms and understands that new parents want the best for their little ones. Further research conducted through focus interviews revealed that the new generation of parents want products that are natural, non-toxic, and cozy for their babies.[/caption]

Inspired by its findings, Momcozy decided to direct its expertise towards founding BabyCozy, to give parents comfortable, reliable, and safe products they can confidently use on their little ones. 

With a focus on helping parents, and allowing the love for their children to trickle down through its products, the team has put its efforts into thoughtful design and technological innovation, down to the smallest details. 

All of BabyCozy’s materials are selected to ensure the stability, safety, and performance of their products from the most premium and sustainable suppliers around the world (including 3M, Domtar, Nippon, and Hyosung among others), so parents know that their little ones only have the best possible experience with its products.

Cozy design, made with parents’ love

image courtesy of BabyCozy

As its initial offering, BabyCozy will launch its Bouncy Soft diapers on Amazon and its official website on July 5th.  Made with the softest materials, the diapers were crafted to bring the ultimate comfort to babies.   

According to feedback from 600+ trial users in the US, Bouncy Soft diapers are already earning a reputation with some of being the softest diapers they’ve ever used, while also being super absorbent.

“Every aspect of BabyCozy’s Bouncy Soft diapers is designed so only the softest, most gentle material comes in contact with babies’ skin.”As explained by BabyCozy’s team, “The diaper’s back layer contains the finest microfiber on the market and are lined with 20,000+ micropores, making them velvety soft to the touch, highly breathable, and remarkably gentle. On the inside, the top sheet’s ultra-soft embossed cocoon bump design reduces friction by 45%, keeping babies’ skin free of irritation.”

The team adds, “Our diapers are also chlorine, phthalate, paraben, and fragrance-free, keeping your baby’s skin safe from harm.”

With such high priority placed on softness, some may wonder about the diaper core’s absorbency and durability. The team explains, “The core is made of FSC-certified pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), and does a great job absorbing and locking in urine. It stays dry for up to 12 hours and holds together without lumping or faulting. Parents can relax- our diapers will keep your little one comfy even when it’s time for a nappy change.” 

A helping hand for parents, attentive to your baby’s needs

With its launch, BabyCozy has a message to share with parents. “Everyone wants the very best for their little one. But being a parent, you’ll find yourself always having so many things to worry about, and so many choices to make for your baby.”

“Relax! You don’t always have to be a perfect parent. Let us help shoulder the load. Babycozy strives to be the perfect helper for parents, by providing quality products that cater to even the smallest details of your baby’s needs.”

To continue delivering on its mission, BabyCozy will launch more high-standard, baby-centered products in the upcoming months.

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  1. These sound like fantastic diapers! When my kids were little finding diapers that were effective and comfortable for them was a challenge, so I love this.

  2. Wow! This is definitely a great news and a very big help to parents out there. Congrats on this launch and keep up the amazing work. Loved it and will check this out!

  3. Such a big help for parents. Having a high quality product that is comfy for baby and not bad for the environment is important.

  4. These do sound like great diapers. It’s great that they are super absorbent, cozy and non toxic.

  5. I will check its availability locally and will consider gifting this to my friend. She just give birth to a beautiful baby boy!

  6. Oh okay, so it’s not going to be just diapers but will one day be an array of safe, quality baby products, correct? That’s great. I remember being so overwhelmed as a new mom back then. I

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