How to Make Your Yard Safer for Your Child’s Summer Games

Your child could spend hundreds of hours playing outside this summer, and you need to make sure that your yards remain as safe and secure as possible. With a few simple upgrades and repairs, you can greatly reduce your child’s risk of a serious accident or injury and make your yard safe.

Use Non-Toxic Weed Killers and Fertilizers

Even though chemical fertilizers and weed killers are very popular, those products can result in a wide variety of health complications. That includes headaches, nausea, diarrhea, severe cramping, a sudden drop in one’s blood pressure, and comas. Luckily, most weeds can easily be controlled with non-toxic household products such as boiling water, salt, and white vinegar. You can also kill off unwanted weeds with landscape fabric and organic mulch.

Repair Cracked Cement

Slip and fall accidents are very common among younger children, and those mishaps can cause sprains and broken bones. In addition to removing unnecessary clutter from your yards, you also need to repair any concrete that is cracked or uneven. A company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc will be able to remove damaged walkways and driveways in just a few hours, freeing your walkways for new cement or even brick paving. Whatever you replace your old, broken cement with, make sure to have it sealed to prevent further cracking.

Trim Your Trees

Your child will most likely want to climb up your trees at some point, and that is why you need to make sure that all of the branches are strong and healthy. At least twice a year, you must remove any tree branches that are dead or infected. If you don’t know how to identify damaged branches, then you should hire The Local Tree Experts. One of those specialists can help you with a wide variety of services including adjusting your irrigation system’s settings, fertilizing, and trimming dead branches. Securing your foliage is essential to make your yard safe.

Make Sure They Have Plenty of Shade

One of the most effective ways to reduce your child’s risk of heat exhaustion is to make sure that there is plenty of shade in your yard. Large trees are a great option for providing shade, but you might also want to consider building a covered patio or pergola. Those structures are relatively easy to build, and they might increase the value of your home by a substantial amount.

In addition to these few tips, you should also contact a local exterminator to have your yard sprayed. Many pest control companies now use non-toxic sprays that are safe for children, and those products are going to keep dangerous insects and rodents off your property. Taking the time to make your yard safe will benefit you and your children all summer long.

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