Smart Investments for Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to sell your home in the foreseeable future or not. You might be hoping to make some easy upgrades. But there are many efficient ways of improving the ROI on home improvement. You need to remember that all home improvement projects are not equal. If you are looking to transform the bathroom into a spa; even if it sounds appealing then the cost involved might not pay for itself when you are planning to sell the property. Fixing the leaky roofs or replacement of gutters is also likely to improve the value of your home. Here are some home improvement projects you should invest in.

1. Kitchen remodeling

Several people consider their kitchen to be the heart of their house. Therefore any upgrades in the area always pay off. You can expect to recoup more than 60% of your investment in a kitchen remodeling project. However, keep in mind not to go overboard with the investment. Do not try to make your kitchen appear more expensive than the rest of the home. The one factor that does the trick for you cheaply is fresh paint. Using modern colors goes a long way towards upgrading your kitchen looks and it is relatively inexpensive. Replace the older appliances with more energy-efficient models. Look for energy-star ratings on the appliances for a better atmosphere ar2. 

2. Adding a new bathroom

Sometimes a house comes with just a single bathroom. There is a large ROI in the region of more than 80% to be had by adding a new bathroom to your home. You can also consider revamping the older bathroom by performing water heater repair. You must not neglect the maintenance because it may lead to more damage to the bathroom. If you are looking for an extra room to work as a bathroom consider the additional rooms in the house or the additional spaces such as closets or the area under the stairs. The costing involved in bathroom remodeling depends a great deal on the type of additions you are going to make and the accessories you will use.

3. Reinventing rooms

You can think of having additional square footage to your house by adding a new room to it. Although you can recoup some of the investment it is an unbelievably expensive project. There is also the possibility of this costing quickly running out of control. You can re-invent some of the rooms within a house to save money. Think about converting an attic into a bedroom or finishing the basement. Some homeowners add a small apartment on top of the garages and these places can be rented out as rooms later. Another option would be to install a glass elevator to jazz up a formal room. Vuelift has beautifully designed glass elevators to assist that can be installed next to your staircase. Keep in mind while re-inventing the rooms that versatile rooms have a great appeal to potential buyers.  

4. Using energy-efficient windows

Modern home shoppers tend to select homes with energy efficiency in mind. Therefore the older single pane drafty windows can be a major turn-off. Using rated windows can save hundreds of dollars every year on cooling and heating costs apart from making the home more energy-efficient. The investment you make on energy-efficient windows can be recouped at least 60%. There is also a green-energy tax credit available for the upgrade. There may be more credits available from the state.

5. Adding a deck

Deck addition leads to an increase in the value of your house. The outdoor living spaces become more desirable typically because more people are staying at home for holidays. When you make your backyard and the deck more appealing it adds to the overall value of the house in the eyes of prospects. You can recoup around 65% of the investment on deck addition. The costing involved in deck addition varies a great deal. It depends on size, number of bells and whistles you have in mind, built-in seating, built-in flower pots, multiple stairs, and the deck size. Everything depends on the material you are going to use and design. If you can undertake a DIY project for this, you can save a great deal of money. But, remember deck construction is not simple. You will need specific tools such as a band saw for the construction.


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