4 Reasons Your Little One May Be Constantly Getting Sick

As hard as we try to prevent it, children are bound to get sick at one time or another. While it’s perfectly normal for your child to catch a cold and even a stomach bug, there may something else going on if they are sick more often than not.

A lot of external factors contribute your child’s overall health. Continue reading to learn four reasons why your little one keeps getting sick.

A Poor Diet

As your mom used to say, “You are what you eat.” So, if your child is not eating a balanced diet, they might have a tough time fighting off colds and viruses. A well-balanced diet not only builds strong bodies and minds, but also boosts your child’s immune system. Make sure your child is consuming sources of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies.

Also, try to limit, if not avoid completely, as much sugar, saturated fats and sodium as possible. The healthier the diet the better. In addition to keeping kids healthy, you’re also instilling healthy eating habits early on.

Poor Sleep Habits

Adults aren’t the only ones who need a good night’s sleep. Children also need restful sleep to keep them healthy. As we sleep, our bodies release proteins known as cytokines. Cytokines are protein-messengers that help ward off diseases and inflammation. Without adequate rest, your child may have trouble staying healthy. In addition, they can also have problems concentrating and retaining information.

Bad Air

Another possible reason why your child is constantly ill might actually be inside your home. Black mold can grow just about anywhere, including under sinks and in bathrooms. Symptoms can range from allergic-type symptoms to full-blown respiratory distress, especially if your child is an asthmatic. It’s always best to deal with innocent looking leaks early on by calling a roofer or plumber. The scary part about some of these molds is you don’t know till symptoms arise.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can also make your child extremely ill. Even though their mouths are a safe place for good bacteria, bad bacteria can also appear there. When they aren’t sick, your child’s natural defenses help keep their oral health in check. However, if the harmful bacteria is allowed to spread, it causes not only illness, it also causes other severe health problems like endocarditis.

Air Quality

Depending on where you live your air may be very dry. When this is the case it can cause respiratory problems and make it harder to breathe. This can also result in itchy and red eyes, nose, sniffles, tickling coughs and throats. An air purifier and humidifier can help normalize the air and improve comfort. This can give you an idea if there is something else going on or if they just needed quality air.

Even though no one wants to see their child sick, being exposed to the usual childhood illnesses will help them build the immunity. To keep illnesses to a minimum, be sure to take the necessary precautions like teaching them to wash their hands, covering their mouths when coughing and sneezing and not sharing food or utensils with others.

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