How Does the Food You Eat Affect Your Oral Health?

Did you know that tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented just by improving your diet? This shows how much your oral health is dependent upon the foods you eat. Dentists always advise against eating sugar and acidic foods as they have a huge negative effect on teeth and gums. In fact, certain foods are restricted purely for their risk of cavity-causing bacteria. Worse still, poor diet may also be one of the reasons of periodontal disease or lack of proper diet may make certain dental diseases to progress faster than they would otherwise do.  

Here are ways in which the food you eat can affect your oral health 

Risk of periodontal disease

Poor diet is responsible for a whole host of dental problems. It can even affect the immune system to make you prone to many disorders. And when your immune system is weak, you will always be at a higher risk for periodontal disease. If your nutrition is poor, or if you don’t eat right, it could eventually lead to the danger of tooth decay and gum issues. 

Diabetes and cardiovascular condition

There is a strong link between your diet and your health. Even your dental and overall health are correlated in some ways. Take, for example, poor oral health could lead to serious health issues like heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and dementia. Gum disease, in particular, is bad for the entire body as the bacteria then can enter the bloodstream and reach into different parts of the body to cause it varied harms. 

Tooth decay

Have you ever thought why the dentist advise against eating sugary foods or drinks? Because such foods have the tendency to stick to your teeth to promote tooth decay. They allow acid and bacteria to collide together and cause havoc to your dental health. Eating or consuming foods such as cakes, candies, dried fruits, soda, acidic juices, sports juices etc. are bad for your dental health. They can cause the risk of tooth decay over time. So, you better stay away from them.     

Weak and unhealthy teeth

Not being careful about the food choices can lead to weak and unhealthy teeth in future. For instance, too much soft, sweet and sticky food can harm your teeth greatly and you should stay away from them. Rather, your diet should be rich in nuts, almonds, green leafy vegetables, cheese, yogurt and water to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Sugar-free gum and candy too could be a good choice to boost your dental health.  

Dry mouth

Some foods are bad for our dental health. They are responsible for causing dry mouth. Drinking tea and coffee in excess could cause this problem. And when your mouth is dry for a long period of time, it could make the breath stink and pose some other dental issues as well. To stop this problem, you should drink plenty of water on a daily basis so that nothing is allowed to stick inside your mouth and saliva production is also boosted.

Acids in the mouth

Eating too many cookies, chips and crackers can lead to more acids in the mouth. This is how bacteria and plaque are allowed to form subsequently to cause dental issues. To prevent this problem, you can take these as part of your foods never standalone. This will help neutralize acids in the mouth and prevent any sign of tooth decay. You can encourage your kids to use this way of snacking so that they are kept away from the risk of cavities at an early stage.  

Bacteria growth

Bad food choices are not the only factor responsible for bacteria growth in your mouth. Even overeating can do the same sometimes so it’s always better to eat right and eat in moderation. Don’t eat anything too much or too often; rinse your mouth after snacking; take care of your teeth and follow oral care routine to stay on top of your dental health. With regular brushing flossing and tongue cleaning, you can fight off bacteria easily.  

Clearly, it takes a lot of care on the diet front to keep your teeth and gums healthy. You can also consult a glen oaks dental office and know more about the subject.


Contributed by Mohd Rashid

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