How To Fly With Baby Gear

Going on vacation takes a completely different meaning when you have a baby.  Simply lounging at the beach or finding spontaneous adventurous may no longer be as easy.  All the same, getting away with the family is an amazing way to reset and experience new thrills, and you’ll probably be glad you’re traveling (even if it’s after the fact). 

A bit of advanced planning can go a long way.  Once flights and hotels have been booked, the reality of getting on a flight sinks in. The length of the flight is going to change how much planning you need, but the journey really doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Most likely it will involve carrying some extra gear.

At home, it’s common to pile up on baby items.  Some households, lucky enough to afford it, stash 3-4 strollers in the garage!  Items like car seats are mandatory and an important safety requirement.  When thinking about traveling with these items, portability becomes a key requirement. 

This infographic offers practical tips on traveling with both car seats and strollers, which you will probably need at your destination.  Even though different airlines may have slightly varying policies, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that didn’t allow free check-in of your baby gear. 

Source: Fulltimebaby


Final tip, once you get to your destination, sleep easy with portable night shades to help adjust for any jet lag.  By the time you have to lug all your gear back on a plane, you’ll feel rested and hopefully more relaxed.  Happy traveling!


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