A 5-Day Itinerary To Visiting Marbella With A View To Relocation

It’s certainly no secret that parts of Spain are extremely popular, especially among Brits who are looking for a better lifestyle. The southern region of Marbella has it all and some! Of course, relocating to a foreign country is a big thing and you need to be 100% sure that your chosen destination ticks all your boxes. The best way to do that is arrange a short holiday, when you can experience life and check out the facilities, climate, and cuisine.

We put together a 5-day plan that includes everything you need to see while assessing Marbella as your new home.

Day 1: Arrival

You’re probably going to land in the late afternoon, especially if you’re coming from the UK. Making your way to your hotel is the best way forward. Check in, unpack, take a shower, and have a look at the hotel amenities, before taking a stroll down to the coastal area where you can sample the local cuisine on one of the fine seafood restaurants. Enjoy a carafe of fine Spanish wine and take in the holiday ambience, then head off for a good night’s sleep, in anticipation of your first full day in Marbella. We do recommend you hire a car, which can be waiting for you the airport. This will enable you to conveniently see the region.

Day 2

Make contact with a leading real estate agent. As you would expect in a premier resort town, there are quite a few real estate agents in Marbella and taking a trip to a few of their offices will allow you to scope out properties in your price range. Leave your email address and the agent will send you a long list of available properties. This allows you to spend the rest of the day looking at potential homes. Further exploration of local restaurants in the evening is recommended as well. The great thing about Marbella is the bars and restaurants are open year-round, as many expats reside here.

Day 3

Enjoy your breakfast and plan to see a few properties in the morning. People are up and about early in this warm climate as it becomes hot around 9am, so plan to visit 2-3 properties and take lunch somewhere along the coast. Early evenings can be spent surfing the web, looking for places of interest, essentials such as dental clinics, hospitals and, if you have young kids, schools must also be toured. 

Day 4

By this time, you should have made your mind up that Marbella is for you and if you have found the perfect poolside villa, it is time to discuss price with the real estate agent. Once you have made a commitment, the rest of your holiday should be spent touring the sights and enjoying the amazing beaches.

Day 5

Sightseeing – It is a good idea to holiday outside of the tourist season (May-September), as you get the feel of the region without the throngs of 2-3 week sun lovers. 

Of course, expats know the quiet places during the high season, and you are advised to make a few expat friends as soon as you can, as this will save you a lot of trouble.


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