How Coffee Mugs Can Help You Boost Your Brand

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If you’re looking for a great way to get your brand out there and build a stronger customer base, you need to have a robust marketing plan in place. But a great marketing strategy, ads, and quality product/service isn’t going to be enough. Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to offer promotional items. Coffee mugs make a great promotional item because people drink a ton of coffee every day. Indeed, some people build their entire personality around their coffee consumption. Coffee mugs are just another way to tap into that and help increase your own brand awareness. Here’s how:

Everyone Loves Coffee

If you’re wondering why coffee mugs seem to be commonplace promotional items, the answer is simple: people love coffee. Three out of four people drink several cups of coffee every day. And the beans only continue to grow in popularity. New coffee shops open every day. Coffee subscriptions are a thing that exists. People love coffee culture. It’s not uncommon to see folks drinking Starbucks or other coffees as you go about your day. Since coffee is such a ubiquitous thing, it stands to reason that coffee mugs would help create lasting impressions. People will drink from a coffee mug every day, take it with them to local Coffee shops, and share them/give them to their friends.

Mugs Are Useful

Perhaps the most obvious reason coffee mugs make a great promotional item is that they’re useful. Customers like to receive something they can use that isn’t just going to take up space and they’re (likely already crowded) homes. So, giving a customer a useful item means they’re more likely to actually use it. That means they’ll see your logo and be reminded of your brand every day while sipping their favorite beverage.

Logo Mugs Generate A Lot of Impressions 

Speaking of logos, putting your business’s custom logo on a mug can generate a lot of great impressions. It can lead to more business, more foot traffic, and more positivity surrounding your brand. Offering custom logo coffee mugs will lead to better brand awareness. They’re an affordable and fun way to interact with your customers. Offering interesting and unique mugs can also increase customer loyalty, which goes a long way in the grand scheme of things. Custom logo mugs create an effective and affordable means of telling others about your company and are fun (and extremely effective) vessels for your next marketing campaign.

Mugs Are Cost-effective

Whenever you’re running any marketing campaign, cost plays a significant role in how you implement and measure it. One of the reasons companies like to use coffee mugs as promotional tools is that they’re incredibly cost-effective. Compared to other forms of advertising like TV or commercials, the investment in a coffee mug is quite low. You can buy coffee mugs in bulk, have them imprinted with your logo or other designs, and start selling or giving them away without breaking the bank. This low cost combined with the higher visibility afforded by your logo means coffee cups offer a significant return on investment over other types of advertising. For the insignificant investment of a few pennies or dollars, you can get custom coffee cups that you can sell for much higher rates or give away to generate positive buzz for your company.

Mugs Are Durable and Varied 

Not only are coffee mugs cost-effective and useful, but they’re also durable. You can get them in ceramic, metal, and plastic varieties. They are also highly portable coffee mugs available to the discerning coffee drinker on the go. Larger, bistro-style coffee mugs offer a much larger volume of coffee for heavy coffee drinkers. There’s truly something for everybody when it comes to coffee cups. A ceramic coffee mug usually can survive a few falls or tumbles to the floor. Metal coffee mugs are much more durable. And plastic coffee mugs can withstand traveling in a vehicle or being jostled during transit without much difficulty. At the end of the day, a durable and worthwhile product will impress customers more than something cheap or poorly designed. By going the distance with your coffee mugs, you can show customers you’re dedicated to quality while leveraging the additional advertising logo coffee mugs provide.

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