How to Personalize Your Thank You Gift Box for Your Clients

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Whether for a client referral or generous support, showing gratitude is always important. Make it a point to thank clients for their loyalty and business with unique client gifts that will leave them feeling appreciated.

Gifting has a lot of benefits for businesses, including improved client relationships, brand awareness, and even increased sales. Learn how to customize your client gift box for a personal touch that will stand out!

Get Personal and Industry-Specific

When choosing gift boxes for corporates, draw inspiration from your company’s core values and identity. For example, if your business is about wellness, consider creating a kit that includes items like an insulated mug, superfood lattes, plant-based protein bites, biodegradable cleansing wipes, and a luxurious scented candle. This type of client appreciation gift will help communicate your brand’s messaging to your clients and customers memorably and positively. Another great way to make your client gift box feel more personal is by including a handwritten note with your gift. This will show that you took the time to write them a thoughtful message of gratitude, sure to put a smile on their face. Client appreciation gifts should be unique, useful, and fun. For example, if your client loves to bake, a basket filled with small-batch, artisanal treats might be the perfect thank-you gift for them. Or, if your client is a new parent, a basket with baby-themed snacks might be the perfect way to show them that you care about their family and work. This will not only make your client feel appreciated, but it will also remind them of your business every time they use their gift.

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Don’t Overdo It

If you’re giving a thank-you gift to a client, it’s important to do just what is necessary. Sending too many items can seem impersonal and leave a negative impression on your client. Instead, focus on what your client will likely use and enjoy. Alternatively, send a kit that includes baking mixes and cookie cutters for the baker in your client’s life. Other items to consider include high-quality kitchen tools for the foodie in your client’s life or workout clothes and accessories for the fitness enthusiast. These practical gifts help your clients feel like you care about their needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re a mortgage loan officer dropping off a gift basket to new homeowners or an insurance agent thanking clients for their business, a personalized client thank you gift shows you took the time to understand them as more than just a transaction. These gestures will help to build long-term relationships and strengthen your brand loyalty.

Add a Personalized Note

When words aren’t enough, there’s a gift to say thank you that sends the message just as well (or even better). Whether someone who helps you in a pinch, goes above and beyond for you at work, gives you an excellent reference, or is generally great in your life, they deserve something extra. A curated thank-you gift basket can be the perfect way to show how much you value them. And to make it a truly memorable present, add a heartfelt note that says exactly how you feel. There are many ways to personalize your thank you gift box, but some common options include incorporating items that speak to their interests and tastes. For example, consider including a gourmet coffee bean sample and a custom mug if they’re a coffee lover. Or, if they’re a foodie, choose items like artisanal cheese and crackers or chocolate truffles.

In your thank you note, you’ll also want to explain why you chose the specific items in your basket. You might also want to highlight any dietary restrictions, allergies, or dislikes your recipient may have, especially if you’re giving them a gift that could be inedible.

Add a Warm Closing

When a client gives you a referral, reaches out for additional services, or shows loyalty to your business, thank them immediately. This helps keep your realtor brand in mind, a vital step in building long-term client relationships. However, you’ll need to go beyond a generic thank you email that may feel insincere.

Start the email with a warm greeting and include their first name, depending on your relationship with the customer. A friendly, warm greeting establishes a positive connection with the recipient, allowing you to personalize the content of the email. Next, write a short paragraph highlighting why you’re grateful for the referral or purchase. Share specific details that showcase how the interaction benefited your business, and use a tone that fits your industry. This section should also mention your plans to work together in the future. This ties the email back to your business and adds a sense of sincerity. Then, finish the email with a warm closing and your preferred signature. Be sure to include the correct spelling of the customer’s last name, and you may want to type out your signature instead of hand-writing it for a more polished look.

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