Having A Bespoke Engagement Ring Created for 2021

If you want to forget the train wreck that was 2020 and give you and your partner a fresh start by proposing to them, you will want to ensure that you have a beautiful engagement ring to propose with to them. Custom-made jewellery is an excellent option as it gives you something unique and affordable. 

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If you are quite intimidated by the idea of having a jewelry piece created for the love of your life, fret not. You will be surprised that the price for a custom handmade engagement ring is like that of an off-the-shelf design from a high street jewelry store, so it is more affordable than you may think.

Source Your Own Materials

One option you have available to you when you are looking to get an engagement ring to propose is purchasing the materials yourself. If you’ve looked into pink Argyle diamond for sale and recently bought a piece, you can get your local jewelry designer to create the engagement ring out of the precious stone you already have. Look at the polished diamonds and gold price if you bought them separately and see how much they cost. Your local jewelry designer will often be able to give you a reasonable price for the raw materials, and they will also consider using what you provide if they are of a high enough quality.  

Find A Quality Jewellery Designer

You will have to find a reputable and qualified jewelry designer to help you create the perfect engagement ring, which will mean avoiding the high street. Many jewelry stores on the high street offer off-the-shelf designs, and most of their jewelry is mass-produced. You will need to find an independent jewelry designer that offers bespoke handmade jewelry of the highest quality that you can use to commission your engagement ring. It’s a good idea to ask about any packages they might have like the Jacobs The Jeweller packages you can find on their website. You will also want to check out each jeweler’s online reputation that you talk to, which will help ensure that you select the best designer to commission your jewelry. 

Talk To The Designer

After looking at some custom made diamond rings Melbourne and other cities around the world have, you may already have an idea of what type of engagement ring you want to create, which you will need to discuss with your jewelry designs. You will want to utilize their experience and use it to design a bespoke ring that is both beautiful and practical. You will also need to ensure that the design you choose matches your partner’s personality and reflects how unique she is. 

Your chosen designer can often come up with a few different ideas for you to consider, and then it is down to which one you or your partner prefers. Once you have confirmed the design, the jeweler can then start to create your unique engagement ring, once you have paid your deposit. 

The Timeline For Your Engagement Ring

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After you approve the design of the ring you wish to make and have paid your deposit, the jeweler will start creating your unique engagement ring. Depending on how intricate the design is, it can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to complete the average bespoke engagement ring. The more complex the design is, the longer it will take, and it will also slow things down if you are continually refining your design. 

Before you know it, you will have a beautiful engagement ring that is one-of-a-kind, and it will blow your partner away when you put it on her finger.

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