Great Ways To Enjoy Life in Sobriety

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For most people, entering sobriety means getting rid of old habits and practices and doing new things to stay busy and get the most out of life. Here are some tips for new ways to enjoy your free time after recovering from addiction.

Play Games

Playing games is one of the top sober activities for couples or families. When the weather is poor, or you just feel like hanging out at home, board and card games are an effortless way to have hours of fun. If you’re up for something more challenging, then trying out chess, mahjong, or contract bridge will keep you on your toes while you’re having a great time.

Bowling and miniature golf are fun activities; you don’t need to be an expert at either to have a good time. Frisbee, badminton, and cornhole are other entertaining, low-skill activities you can do as a twosome. Escape rooms are also great options for couples, as you have a great night out while polishing your problem-solving skills and fostering teamwork.

Start Crafting

When the workday is done, it’s sometimes challenging to find ways to stay busy and keep your mind off unhealthy habits. Crafting is an excellent option for remaining engaged while also taking your thoughts away from worries or temptations.

Needlecrafts, woodworking, beading, and pottery are just a few of the things to occupy your hands and your mind. In most cases, you can spend as little or as much time as you like working on projects and getting started usually doesn’t involve a significant financial investment. Knitting, for instance, only requires a basic pair of needles and an inexpensive skein of yarn.

If you’re taking up something new, joining a local class can help you master the basics and connect with other people who have similar interests. Then it’s up to you whether you continue with your craft on your own or as part of a social group that enjoys a common bond.

Enjoy the Outdoors

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Spending time in nature is a great way to clear your head of any concerns and simply enjoy being in the moment. Whether you like hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, or skiing, engaging in outdoor activities reduces stress and releases feel-good hormones that make you feel fantastic. Seeing, touching, and hearing the outside world stimulates positive emotions, and getting your heart pumping as you fly down a slope, through the water, or along a pathway is a real blast!

Doing things outside your own home also creates a sense of exploration and motivates you to try more new things. This is particularly helpful when you feel tempted to fall back on old, unhealthy habits and activities. Even the fresh air you breathe outdoors can boost your immunity, making you actually feel better after being in nature.

Finding new ways to enjoy life after you’ve recovered from addiction is an important way to fill the time you once spent feeding your dependency. Try out one or more of these ideas to find the right fit for you. And for those still in need of tricks and tips to help them maintain their recovery, here is another great resource, “Why Being Sober is Amazing” to keep you going!

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