How to Ensure Reliable and Secure IoT Connectivity for Your Smart Home

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If your home devices are interconnected, they are in great need of protection. IoT devices are the foundation of the smart home concept. The latest devices have addressed patches that earlier were prone to security breaches. The responsibility lands on the end user to keep their IoT security up to date.

As you incorporate more technology into your home, the need for a more secure internet connection grows.

We live in a globally connected world. We’ve become a tighter community globally while becoming more global locally. The internet has provided unimaginable convenience.  It has allowed anyone with an internet connection to connect with anyone on the planet.

Our homes are quickly becoming filled with an ever-expanding universe of Internet of Things devices. These devices are instantly reaching our homes once they are launched in the market. 

The convenience is excellent, on the one hand. The pertinent question remains, which IoT security issues should concern us more?

Threats to IoT Security

The drawback of IoT devices is that they are not always designed for security. Having a secure internet connection is a necessity. Unfortunately, OEMs are more interested in cornering the market than engineering. They are much less concerned to create an unhackable product and rather more focused to create a more sellable one. 

The irony is that you may choose to install one of these in the name of improved home security. If left unprotected, it can act as a digital doorway for the bad guys. One type of cyberattack on IoT devices is the forced recruitment of a large number of them into a botnet.

This creates a swarm of infected devices capable of causing great damage to your security. Since it performs tasks in bulk, it can do a great deal of damage. For instance, your security camera’s IP could carry out unceasing security attacks. It can be transformed into a mindless soldier.

The IoT device can be taken over and used to penetrate further into your system. Since it is connected to your home Wi-Fi, your camera could be compromised. It can be used as a gateway to access your entire network, including your smartphone or tablet.

Device control is yet another IoT risk. If a malicious person gains access, they could program the device to do whatever they please. Including raising the temperature in your home to 100 degrees or turning on the television at full volume in the middle of the night. Someone can easily watch the video feed from your camera to observe your family’s routines.

Solutions for IoT Security

While the industry is still in its early stages, IoT products vary in model, software, and design. It would be insane to pursue each device with its own security software. The only logical solution is to gather them and protect them as a group. 

Conveniently, they are already grouped together — on your network. 

Learn and put these six IoT security tips to use.

  • Protect the Wireless Network

The router is at the heart of IoT network security and having a secure internet connection is important. The router comes with a default password. You should immediately change to something more complex. Strive for unbreakable. Also, ensure that the security protocol you’re using is WPA2. This is critical because it provides you with a solid foundation of basic security. Also, when WPA3 becomes available, use it.

  • Think about cybersecurity

Nowadays, everyone handles their own security, so it’s a good idea to call in reinforcements for peace of mind. IoT security solutions need to be proactive. AI can be used to learn, track, and constantly assess them in your home. Instantly reporting anything abnormal.

  • Alter the default passwords

This applies to any device with a default password, not just your router. Change the default password to something complicated whenever possible. Enable two-factor authentication if it is available. Also, to make your life easier, use a Password Manager. 

  • Identify and Understand your devices

It may be tempting to rip it out of the box and turn it on, but every connected device must be viewed as more than a gadget. Each one is a potential entry point for any determined hacker. When you add a new connected device, take the time to learn everything about it.   Understanding its security protocols is of utmost importance.

  • Always update as soon as possible

It cannot be overstated: keep the firmware of your IoT devices up to date with the most recent versions and patches available. Remember that the majority of these updates are required.  A security flaw in the previous version can be exploited if not fixed timely.  

You should immediately stop using that tainted version. Consider the update process when purchasing a new IoT device. Ensure that you are notified when a new update is available.

  • Only connect if necessary

By connecting only a few devices, you can keep your household’s threat surface small. 

If you don’t need your coffee maker or lightbulbs to be “smart,” stick with the old-school options. Yet, if you do buy smart devices, make sure to complete all the necessary steps. The risks of IoT security are present, but so are the solutions. 

There is no need to be concerned about the oncoming swarm of IoT devices or the mainstream emergence of the smart home. Keep an eye on what you’re adding to your network. Keep it secure, and you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible technological age we live in. 

Remember You Are in Charge

You can buy the most expensive IoT devices from top companies, but the security of your smart home is in your hands. So, before purchasing any device, take the time to do your research.

Check to see if it is still receiving manufacturer updates or if it has vulnerabilities reported by users. Yes, it takes time and money to prepare, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Talk to your internet provider before installing a new device to your network.

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