5 Expert Tips to Create the Sacred Space that Calls You In

“Home, sweet home” is one of the most common sayings that you probably uttered at least once in your life. However, a lot of people do not agree with it. In fact, many consider their homes as a source of endless stress-whether it is due to excessive clutter or an unhappy spouse. All in all, a home should be a safe haven where a person can retreat after a long day of “adulting”. A home needs to be a place to relax and recharge the batteries for the next day.  If you are reading this article in hopes of creating peace and tranquility in your home, then continue reading. Here are 5 expert tips to create the sacred space that calls you in.

1. Get organized

The number one thing which might induce extra unnecessary stress is constant clutter. Just think about this: Do you really want to deal with looking for your keys on your desk, but being unable to find them due to the paperwork scattered all around? Above all, an organized and tidy home brings a sense of control and order, which may be accompanied by a major decrease in stress levels. Also, by getting rid of unnecessary items, you are able to finally exit the tedious “search mode”. So, make an effort to clean out the junk fifteen minutes daily or just devote a whole weekend to the activity. It is certain that you will feel better and start being more productive.

2. Bring in some plants

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According to fairly recent studies, indoor plants have the ability to reduce stress and bring a sense of tranquility to any area of the home. Also, the easiest way to spice up a dull area is to add a couple of cute low-maintenance plants, such as succulents. So, how exactly do plants contribute to creating a sacred area in your home? Well, experts claim that plants help eliminate harmful toxins in the air, thus they improve the air quality in your home environment. This way, common issues such as itchy eyes and fatigue can be reduced. Also, colorful plants are beneficial for the mind, body and the soul. Unfortunately, people nowadays do not spend enough time in nature. So, bringing nature into the rooms is the next best thing to do. Most importantly, by bringing greens in, you are definitely doing something good for your mental health and overall wellbeing.

3. Get comfy

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Next, if you want to create your very own sacred spot in your home, you will have to search for comfortable furniture, such as sofas or armchairs. Other homeowners might enjoy budget-friendly alternatives such as lazy bags or fluffy rugs. Whatever piece of furniture you go for, make sure to pick one where you would gladly curl up after a long day at work and forget the world. Another excellent option for people who like to relax and heal the spirit is investing in a quality massage chair. For further information, those interested are recommended looking up a Japanese massage video to get the idea of what it feels like to fully relax in one of these exclusive furniture items. Experts claim that massage chairs are great for alleviating back pain, as well as muscle fatigue.

4. Repaint the room

Another key element which helps in creating a soothing environment in your home is the color of the walls. Research has shown that crazy and loud colors do not do a thing to improve stress levels. On the contrary, those individuals who want to create a tranquil and Zen environment should stay away from colors such as red and vibrant pink. However, one does not have to settle for plain white pain! Instead, grab a magazine or browse Pinterest for some inspiration. For example, instead of hot pink, go for a more subtle coral shade with cooler undertones, or completely switch things up and choose mauve.

5. Light it up

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Having a quiet area in your home where you can read a good book or meditate certainly feels like Heaven. However, you can further enhance the ambience by adding a couple of meditation lights to the room. The best thing about these lights is that they have the power to completely alter the atmosphere in a matter of seconds! For example, find a Himalayan Salt Lamp and place it in your meditation area to create a calming space ideal for more mindful meditation.

In sum, a home should be a safe place and a sacred retreat to which we gladly return every single day. Make sure to still your mind and give into the calming powers of a sacred place in your very own oasis.


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