Make Moving a Breeze: Tips and Tricks for the Whole Family

Maybe you’re leaving a small apartment for a big kitchen and backyard, or perhaps you’re moving across the country so you can live around the corner from your loved ones. No matter what, even if your kids are pumped for the move, they probably also feel like their lives are being uprooted.

Since moving is one of the top stressors in life, it’s essential to know how to make it a more enjoyable process (especially when you’ve got children in the mix!) Fortunately, there are plenty of stress-free moving tips you can follow. Not only will you make the moving process more manageable, but you’ll also help reassure the kids when they’re dealing with many changes.

It’s vital to remember that one of the best solutions is to look into the cost of hiring a moving service to help you and your family with the burden of moving. All you need to do is search for a “Man and van essex” service, or a van service wherever you are based, to find a reliable company. Hiring a professional will allow the process to go a lot smoother. 

In addition, this website will offer you a free moving quote for residential, office, or storage. When you leave the heavy lifting to the pros, you’ll thank yourself later! We’ve bulleted out a few of our other favorite pointers below.

Tips for a Smooth-Moving Process

  • Be careful about how you pack! Take care of wrapping fragile or tedious items first, so you’re not rushing and leaving room for error (and damage.) 
  • Avoid leaks, lost items, or other mishaps by keeping expensive and valuable personal belongings close and remembering to pack things like cleaning solutions, paints, and sharp tools in clear plastic bins (rather than cardboard boxes.)
  • Be sure to organize your boxes using color coding. Consider giving every room a different color packing label. You can download our free packing labels to add to your boxes below!
  • If possible, schedule your move to happen mid-month or mid-week. There will be less traffic, and the cost of moving furniture might be lower during these times.
  • Make extra cash by selling unneeded items on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or a yard sale. 
  • Schedule a pickup with or a similar site if you have many items you’d instead donate than sell. It’ll save you a trip to Good Will or Salvation Army!

Moving With Kids: Tips for Success

  • Set the stage for the move well in advance. Get your kid familiar with and excited about moving weeks, even months, in advance. Drive around and point out their new school, local parks, shops, and other notable places to help your kid envision their new life.
  • Paint the move positively, often leading up to the move. Sometimes it’s easy to talk about how stressed we are with the moving process and how annoying and overwhelming it is to check things off your to-do list. Remember, your kids always listen and absorb these feelings — try to phrase things optimistically around them.
  • Be prepared with extra snacks and attention-grabbing activities. On the actual moving day, it might seem obvious to bring plenty of snacks and water to avoid hunger and mood swings. Go the extra mile to neatly pack the kids’ favorite snacks with a personal note or surprise to solidify how special the day is in their minds. Also, have a few silly toys, puzzles, or other fun distractions to avoid boredom or tantrums.

Enjoy these FREE printable resources to help ease the moving process!



Contributed by Gabrielle Gardiner

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  1. Your suggestion of selling unneeded items online was really helpful to read about. We recently decided to discontinue a lot of our sports hobbies since we can’t freely roam around outside anymore, so this sports equipment we have lying around will only take up unnecessary space around the new house we’re moving to. I’ll find a way to sell or donate these items to make things easier for us and any moving company we end up hiring.

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