Work in Real Estate? Here are the Best Ways to Find Customers

A successful real estate agent career depends on a steady stream of clients who are looking to buy or sell a property. From vacation homes to stately mansions, your services can help people to buy the house of their dreams or sell a home for a comfortable profit. The following tips can help you to find customers who need your services to get the results they want.

Previous Clients

Contact the people who you have represented in past real estate transactions. Although they may be happy with their current residence, they might want to buy a second home or an investment property. In addition, they may be able to refer you to friends and coworkers who may be thinking about buying or selling a property. Stay in touch with holiday greeting cards, or stop by their home with a token gift to show your appreciation for previous realty transactions.

Community Presence

Get involved in the communities where you are interested in representing home buyers and sellers. Participate in county fairs or community celebrations as well as helping out during a disaster if needed. Put up marketing fliers and publish opinion pieces about the housing market in local newspapers. As people get to know you, they will think of your name and face when they need a real estate agent to work with.

Online Resources

Consider hosting a professional website either alone or with other agents. Offer advice on topics like preparing to sell a home or how to pick the right home. Register with a real estate broker marketing service that can help to list your services with relevant sources and organizations. They can help you with marketing materials and contact strategies that will attract prospective clients.

Social Media

Take advantage of free social media platforms to establish an expert persona in the real estate field as well as being easily found through a browser keyword search. Sign up for Linked In and register as a professional realtor, so you can network with other experts and be referred to people they know. On Twitter you can tweet about national housing trends or local housing forecasts to help the community prepare to buy or sell a home. You can also build a following on Facebook, Instagram, and similar sites that help interested homeowners or homebuyers find you when needed.


As in any industry, becoming a local or online presence can help the public identify you as a knowledgeable realty resource. Use resources like these to make yourself available to prospective clients.

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