Get Fit with Your Own Personal Trainer using the Aaptiv app

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Aaptiv is an on-demand, audio fitness app that combines workout guidance from top-notch trainers with the perfect playlists. There are several workout categories so there really is something for everyone. The categories include 5K Training, 10K Training, Elliptical, Full Marathon Training, Half Marathon Training, Indoor Cycling, Meditation, Outdoor Running, Stair Climber, Strength Training, Stretching, Treadmill, Walking and Yoga.

With the Aaptiv app, you can either choose a category or you can find a workout by workout type, difficulty, duration, music genre or trainer. There is also your personal profile feature where things like your stats, including miles, minutes, calories burned and workouts chosen, are stored. Your stats are in an easy-to-read bar graph form.

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You can also view profiles of each of the workout trainers. There are currently 5 Technical trainers, 4 High Intensity trainers and 4 Fun & Support trainers. Each trainer profile features their workouts, plus little tidbits about the trainer, like their workout motto, hometown, favorite musician, snack they crave and favorite workout.

One of the most useful features of Aaptiv, in my opinion, is that you can use it in conjunction with any fitness tracker that you may be using, like Runtastic, MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal.

The Aaptiv app is compatible with iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or later and Android devices with Android 4.2 or later.

Aaptiv is a great workout resource, especially for busy moms, who seem to scramble to find time to exercise. With the average program lasting between 7-10 minutes, busy moms can accomplish her workout time at her convenience.

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  1. I love that you have so many options!! Intensity, trainers and so on. I love variety and options are so important!

  2. Very adaptable, I love this. Seriously considering it. The choices are really nice…I’m no spring chicken!!

  3. I really like the variety of exercises along with the different levels of intensity. I’m going to check this out.

  4. It sounds like a pretty good idea. So many people put off exercise because they think they don’t have time, so anything that makes it easier to just exercise at any time is great.

  5. This sounds so good. I need to check this out. I need to get more physical exercise. Thank you so much for sharing

  6. This sounds like something that I could use, I like it when I have someone to work out with because then I get to working out.

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