Five Changes to Make in your Daily Routine

You know that it’s recommended that you drink the right amount of water, sleep the right amount of hours a night and eat the right food, but there are other factors you need to consider to make a big impact on your health. Consider these tips to discover whether you could benefit from them during your daily routine.

  1. Attend to Your Cravings

Having a craving means that you’re deficient in a vitamin or other nutrient. Your body knows what it wants, but you have to be smart about your cravings. You might crave alcohol when your body is low on sugar because you’ve been sick lately. People often mistake a craving “for anything” as a symptom of hunger, but it can actually mean that they’re thirsty. If you’re craving salt, it could mean you’re low on potassium. Craving onions can be an indication that either your liver or your blood need to be detoxified. It’s worth checking into what you’re craving to discover how to restore balance in your body.

  1. Take Supplements

It’s always recommended to eat a balanced diet, but this is hard to do for a few reasons. It’s difficult to get a perfect balance of nutrients, and demanding schedules, stress, illnesses, and diseases can make it nearly impossible to eat according to the body’s needs. This is why it’s important to take supplements. Beyond vitamins, the body needs, and can benefit from, many other nutrients. For instance, chlorella benefits cancer patients who have to get chemotherapy, and it can be taken to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Garlic pills can help to reduce infection within the body. Look into supplements according to your needs.

  1. Get Regular Sleep Cycles

Start looking at sleep in a different way. You need solid sleep cycles, but most people focus on sleeping between six and eight hours a night. It would actually be better to sleep six hours than eight, but it’s not because it’s a lesser amount. Each sleep cycle is roughly 90 minutes, and you want complete sleep cycles to feel totally rested. It’s also good to get either four or five sleep cycles a night; however, you can get four and take an afternoon nap. People who support alternative sleep cycles hold that when you are really tired, you can slip into REM much faster than usual, which is why a 30-minute nap helps. Experiment with your sleep to feel more rested instead of focusing on sleeping more hours.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Despite most people telling you that your body will go into starvation mode if you don’t eat, there is evidence that temporary fasting is beneficial for the body. The first benefit is that the body will eat up diseased or damaged tissue for fuel, so it helps the body to cleanse itself. You will most likely go through flu-like conditions while your body is cleansing itself. You might experience a lot of sinus issues, skin breakouts and other signs that your body is cleansing itself, but after this passes, your body will feel a lot better, and your mind will be clearer. Another benefit to fasting is weight-loss. If you fast every other day, your metabolism won’t slow down, and you will experience slow but steady weight-loss.

  1. Improve Your Emotional Health

Your physical health is partially dependent on your emotional health. It’s important to seek ways to relax and resolve your past issues. Learn to think a different way to avoid pain, anger, frustration and other negative feelings. Stress and other negative feelings can come out in psychosomatic symptoms, which will make you think something is wrong with you physically, but it’s really an indication that you have emotional issues to resolve.


When you’re good to your body, you will feel so much better. Before trying out the tips above, ask a medical doctor if they could benefit you. If you’re diabetic or have another condition, it may not be suitable for you to fast or follow the other tips. Seek health, but do it in a wise way.


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  1. The importance of proper sleeping habit cannot be overemphasized. I have adopted a 6 hours sleep period for the past 12 months, and it has greatly influence my productivity on daily basis.

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