How to Decorate Your Home and Patio for a Garden Party

Everyone comes back to life when warmer weather hits. The sun is out and plants are finally in full bloom. What better way to celebrate all that greenery than by throwing a garden party? The following steps will make your home ready for entertaining.

Understand the Seasons

The garden invites a mystical, almost fairytale vibe. Play it up by stringing lights along your bushes and patio for a soft and cozy feel. These lights also make a comfortable transition into the evening and keep the party going. A theme like that works well for late May and early June, where it’s not super-hot yet. July and August are when summer has truly arrived. This is a season that invites luaus and backyard barbecues. Get that pig on a spit and break out the tiki torches.

Clean it Up

If your patio has been languishing from disuse, don’t worry, there’s a quick and easy fix. Using a powerwasher is particularly effective in clearing away grit and grime, especially on brick and concrete surfaces. Make sure you chose a nozzle with a wide angle to prevent any surface damage. Hold it about 12” away from the patio and sweep in even strokes so you won’t end up with streaks. Of course, since this is a garden party, you’ll want to make sure that your plants are in top condition as well. Spend time taking out weeds and trimming back any overgrowth. This is especially if your garden includes topiaries or other elaborate fixtures.

Hire Extra Help

Inside the home, don’t clean everything all at once. Create a cleaning schedule for each location that guests will visit so you don’t run the risk of becoming overwhelmed leading up to the party. Main areas such as the kitchen, living room, and guest bathrooms deserve particular attention. This step is particularly useful if you have extensive grounds. Employ a team (either professionals or trusted friends) to work with you in making every inch spotless.

Strike a Balance between Garden and Home

The patio is often where most of the action is at parties like this. Don’t neglect your house, though, since that’s where guests will pass through on their way out. If you have any plants that are easily transferred, use them to bring the party indoors, too.

A garden party is a very different kind of event. It can take some pressure off you as a host since much of the focus will be on your plant life instead. Gather friends and loved ones to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer.

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