Family Fun Time! 4 Adventurous Activities to Try in 2019

Do you want to have an unforgettable time with your family or maybe just have an activity that the whole group enjoys doing together? Well, you can start by doing something adventurous, new, and exciting each season of the year. While these adventurous activities are simple, you must be aware of certain details to make them truly enjoyable. 

Ride a horse 

Horseback riding is an excellent activity you can do in spring with your family. It’s a lot of fun, but you must know how to do it. Now, before you go crazy and jump on the first horse you see, find a local ranch with an instructor to give you lessons. Horses are large and powerful and must be treated with respect.

Be sure the whole family wears the proper gear like helmets, long pants or jeans, and low-heeled boots. Moreover, you must know what to do when mounting a horse. For example, do not approach it from the front or the back as it might get startled and kick you. By following these precautions, you and your family will develop a passion for horseback riding as a group as well as solo. 

Rappel down a waterfall 

No summer is complete without a rappelling adventure. You get to experience nature, adventure, and something completely unique—the feeling is unmatched. With the help of instructors, rappelling can become an activity that brings a family together, especially if a waterfall is involved. You’ll learn new skills, build team work, and more.

Rappelling is more than just climbing down with a rope. You must be familiar with the basic knots to tie the rope such as the overhand loop, the bowline and the figure eight loop among others. The right clothing matters as well. Give rappelling a chance, your family will thank you for it. 

Go on a hike 

Fall is ideal for hiking. The changing and falling leaves and the crisp air bring families together and invigorates the soul. Still, that wondrous family adventure can lose its charm if precautions are not taken. Pay attention to the weather forecast and take the necessary measures such as bringing a waterproof backpack and several layers of clothing including a standard T-shirt and shorts, wool underwear for cold weather, jacket, wool sweater, and rain jacket with rain pants for possible showers. Do not use any piece of clothing made of cotton as it can trap moisture and make you quite uncomfortable.

Plan ahead. Find your ideal trail, tell someone where you’ll be and how long you’ll be there, as well as bringing plenty of water and snacks to keep you and your family hydrated and energized for your adventure.

Start the snowmobile 

Imagine yourself riding through the snow at full speed while your entire family is cheering you on. How does it feel? Well, riding a snowmobile is something that everybody should do at least once. Flying through the winter landscape can be very exciting. But winter demands you must protect yourself against the weather first. You want a DOT-approved helmet that is warm and won’t fog up. Furthermore, gloves, snow pants, wool socks, and a special snowmobile jacket are necessary if you don’t want to freeze while you are having the ride of your life. Be sure you have plenty of fuel and a reliable way to transport the smaller vehicle. Research the laws in your area that apply to the operation of snowmobiles in your area. You don’t want to be caught unaware or unprepared.

You can pick one or all of the activities to have fun with your family this year. Try them and you might just find a great way to help your family bond. They are guaranteed to bring novelty, delight, and thrill to you and your loved ones. Stay safe out there!

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