6 Points To Note Before Fitting A Central Air Conditioner

Though the summer season is the perfect time for vacations, spending time with your family and sports, it is also the hottest season among the four when the sun scorches the earth mercilessly causing sunstroke, dehydration, and in some cases fatality. Hundreds of people lose their lives, every year across the world due to intolerable heat.

Air conditioners come as a great solution to the unbearable heat. Although you can choose from different types of air conditioners, a central air conditioning installation is the best in case you own a big house or an expanse office.

But, just don’t purchase and install a central AC impulsively. Careful research needs to be done, especially before installing.

The 6 dos that you must follow during a central air conditioning installation are listed below:

  • Consider the boons of a central air conditioner!

Before you go for a central air conditioning installation, you must know why it’s better than a window or a split AC. It helps to cool your house or office must faster. Also, you can cool the entire house or office at one go! A Window AC can cause great hassle and can take a great amount of time in cooling each room of the house separately. A central AC doesn’t involve such troubles. A central AC also helps to improve air quality in the interiors. Another is that it makes very less noise.

Carefully choose the installer- HVAC approved!

It’s a smart decision to select an HVAC installer. You can always turn to him for any of your AC queries or needs. Being a pro, an HVAC installer can guide you about where to fit it, how much space will it occupy, how efficient it is and so on.

  • A Filter? Unignorable!

When you wish to opt for a central air conditioning installation, you ought to choose a good filter. It is vital if you want your AC to function smoothly and efficiently. A high-level efficiency filter will improve the air quality inside. It will also filter out useless and infectious dust from the interiors of your home. A good filter can help in reducing maintenance cost in the entire year.

  • Easy accessibility with a ductless air conditioner is great!

If you reside in an old house which has restricted duct space, you can still go for a central air conditioning installation. You only have to buy a ductless AC or a mini-duct one. Moreover, the installer must have access to the air ducts of your home. If the access is easy, you get to save labour cost, hourly.

  • Get the correct component

You should get the right components before a central air conditioning installation. What are they?

  • An interior air handler unit
  • An exterior condenser unit

In general, these components do not exist from beforehand. One must get these components to    complete the installation process.

  • Maintenance becomes a requisite

Installing a central air conditioner is no child’s play. You must diligently maintain it too. A central AC needs utmost care and attention to smoothly function. You must set up frequent maintenance dates so that the device keeps working properly. Some of them are:

  • An in-depth cleaning of the evaporator coils.
  • Different safety checks on the AC system must be done seriously.
  • The fan motor of the condenser and the blades must be checked carefully.
  • The condenser coil must also be cleaned well.

An HVAC contractor is of great help when it comes to maintenance. It’s important to hire the right one.

A central air conditioner is having great demands. However, the requisites are often ignored by people when it comes to its installation. It is essential to consider the above factors before installing a central air conditioner.

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