Family Dinner: 3 Tips For a More Enjoyable Evening

Guest post contributed by Emma Sturgis

The evening is the time where everyone in the family is home. The kids are finished with their homework and are tuckered out after sports practice, and the parents are ready to retire after returning from work. Days tend to be crazy, but we still want to dedicate our time to family, but sometimes it can be quite a hassle getting everyone together in the evening. The adults are tired, the kids won’t stop bickering, and the teen has done enough whining and complaining. But there is hope! Here are a few tips to make your evening more enjoyable.

Put Electronics Away

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for nearly everyone in the Western culture to own a smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. It is good to connect with those we may not see on an everyday basis or even share things with your friends that you wouldn’t normally see in daily life, but there is a time and a place to put the phones down. Electronics are not a bad thing, but sometimes they can hinder us from enjoying time with our families. Gather everyone together around the table or sit in a circle in the living room. Pull out some card or board games and make some memorable moments and laugh together.

Home-cooked Meals

There is nothing better than mom’s homemade soups or grilled chicken. A warm meal on the table not only satisfies the stomach but it warms the soul. Nothing promotes family time better than an evening dinner together at the table. Klosterman Baking Company’s potato buns are perfect for grilling with your family on a summer day or having pulled pork sandwiches after a game. Let everyone pitch in during the meal-making process. Grab the burger buns, season the meat, and cut up the vegetables. Food brings people together, and even if no one in your family can cook all too well, pulling together microwavable meals and fast food can still bring the family together.

Keep a Positive Attitude

One of the most important things about family is being there for one another. At the end of the day, family is what you have left. Even when you’re exhausted and have had a long day, remember that everyone else at home has as well. Take it upon yourself to bring encouragement to everyone, smile and give a reassuring hug. With all phones put away and everyone quietly eating dinner together, ask everyone around the table to talk about a positive experience they had today. If one of the kids had a bad day, help nudge them in the right direction in finding something good that happened. There is good in every situation if you have the right outlook. Being positive in all circumstances will most certainly help keep your evenings with family much more enjoyable.

Don’t let your daily schedules forget about your family. Do what you can to set aside time for your loved ones. If you put down your phone and lend an ear, it won’t only be your evenings that you enjoy but also your family. Take these tips to heart and cherish the moments you have and make every evening an enjoyable one.

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  1. Our family makes it a point to never allow smartphones at the dinner table, whereas at my boyfriend’s they happily scroll through the feed of their choice, or read newspapers and sometimes even books at the table! I will never understand why or how that can be cosy. Dinner, to me, is the perfect time to talk about your day and really connect and bond with your family. That’s how it’s always been at our place, anyway. We’re also lovers of home-cooked meals, although I have to say we’ve never prepared a meal together as a family – usually my dad does the cooking and the rest of us just eat it, haha. So maybe we need to change that up every now and then and get in the kitchen together. Loved reading this post!


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