Create your own Collages for Scrapbooking, Photo Albums, or Posters!

I received a CollageIt Pro registration code for review purposes.


I am not a creative person.  I try, but that quality just isn’t in me!  So last week when we gave away the CollageIt Pro, I wanted to give it a  test run myself.  I was surprised at how addicting it is!  Besides being addicting, it was very easy to use and simple to navigate.

I would recommend CollageIt Pro for anyone.  It is great for scrapbooking, creating photo albums, or collage posters!  You can share your collage easily by saving as a JPEG, PNG, PDF, or PSD.  Save it, or share it to Facebook or Flickr.

Here are some of the features CollageIt Pro offers:

  • Various Collage Templates to choose from
  • Customize Photo Collages easily
  • Crop Photos, remove limitations, Large-sized Collage Export
  • Share the Collages anywhere!

You may download the original version of CollageIt for free!  Try it out first if you like.  Then, you may want to upgrade to CollageIt Pro. To do this, while creating your collage, just click on “crop“.  The software will prompt you to purchase the Pro version there.

Another great option for collages is Canva.  I actually use if for my media kit here at This Lady Blogs.

Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, online design software that’s free to use.  Canva has been around for just over 27 months and they already have 17 million users. They are well-known in the virtual world and are a clever resource from beginner to expert.



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