Mommy Guide to Glowing Spring Skin

Spring’s the time when all those long winter months of neglect for my skin inevitably come back to haunt me in the mirror. Everyday skincare doesn’t require much time, but just like a majority of often travelling, busy moms out there, I usually leave my wintertime beauty regimen for later, vowing to take care of my skin as soon as I’ve ticked off other points on my arm-long To Do list – and in 9 out of 10 cases, that Later never actually comes. Much to my delight, I’ve recently found out I can hack springtime skincare by a few simple steps and without high price tags attached, no less. If you’re another busy mom eager to rev up your springtime skincare, here’s how you can get the biggest beauty bang for your buck.

Lighten your lotion load


Hydration is another skincare aspect you’ll need to brush up in springtime. Thick lotions, creams, and serums which worked in wintertime won’t be as suitable for your skin’s needs in springtime. To keep my skin optimally hydrated and to avoid any kind of inflammations, I swap heavy cream for lighter formulas at the beginning of the season, and I often apply a quick-soak SPF moisturizer such as Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 atop it when I have to spend more than an hour in the sun.


Smooth and safe from sun

After all those months of little sun, your skin will be highly sensitive to UV rays come springtime. For this reason, sunscreen will become your complexion’s best buddy as soon as temperatures and UV radiation begin to climb. When shopping for sunscreen, I usually aim for the highest SPF I can find, such as EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46, to allow my face ample time to get accustomed to sun protection I’ll be using all through hot summer months and early autumn.


Do away with dead cells

Wintry weather usually leads to build-up of dead cells on the skin, which is why you should take the steps to thoroughly cleanse your skin come early spring. For a deep skin cleanse, I usually go with micro-dermabrasion and follow up with a moisturizing mask. If you’re not a fan of standard facial peels, you can use a cleanser or scrub such as Dermatologica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser to remove dead cells from the epidermis and bring out your skin’s youthful radiance.


Ice creams and eye creams

In spring, sun is much brighter, which means you’ll be squinting more – and more often. To slow down formation of fine lines in the eye area, I often add a cream with high antioxidant and peptide content to my beauty routine. In addition to wrinkle prevention, certain formulas such as Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream will help plump up existing lines, restore smoothness and glow to the skin, and minimize negative effects of UV radiation. For a smart bonus, some creams can also brighten up the under-eye area and reduce the visibility of dark circles.


Drink to your skin’s health

In addition to beauty routine tweaks, I have a habit of reviewing my menu come spring to see how I can optimize nourishment for my skin from both the inside and the outside. If you want to stay on the beautiful side of the mirror, you should add large portions of fresh fruit and veggies to your plate and ditch heavily processed food, sugar, vegetable oil, and other chemical-laced ingredients from your dietary mix. To help your skin restore a youthful glow, up your water intake, or try my trick and swap midday snacks for organic juices, smoothies, and shakes to max out on skincare gains.

Are you ready to take your skin from rugged to radiant? Follow my tips and your face will get its natural, youthful sparkle back in a matter of weeks next spring. Good luck!


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