Unique Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably the most romantic day of the year, so naturally, it is an ideal occasion for marriage proposals. You’ll want to do something special, so look into custom engagement rings and create the perfect ring for her when proposing this Valentine’s Day. Here are some unique ways for you to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Recreate Your First Date

Make plans to take your sweetheart to the first place you went to on a date. Or you could do something like the first place you kissed. When recreating this date, don’t just make reservations at the restaurant. You want to recreate everything from the style of clothing to the music playing in your car. Then, when she is least expecting it, get down on one knee.

Create a Scrapbook

Gather a bunch of pictures that have significant meaning to your relationship like your first date, the first time you met her parents, the first vacation you took together and your first apartment together. Create a scrapbook in chronological order of the events. Then, on the last page, write something like “Wedding Photos Page.”

Say it in a Cup of Hot Cocoa

This is a great proposal idea if you two have Valentine’s Day plans that include a cold-weather activity like ice skating or skiing. Beforehand, write at the bottom of her favorite mug, with a sharpie, “Will you marry me?” When you get home from your date, offer to make a cup of hot chocolate. When she finishes the hot chocolate, she will see your message at the bottom of her mug.

Give her a Cute Puppy

What a better Valentine’s Day gift to give her than that cute puppy she has been wanting! But, twist it up a notch and tie her engagement ring onto the puppy’s collar.

Take out a Newspaper Ad

Be sure to take out the ad in time for Valentine’s Day printing. Be sure it is a full-page ad so that she won’t miss it. Write in big letters, “Will you marry me?” and write a poem or a sweet message underneath. Then, before heading out on your Valentine’s Day date, grab a copy of your local newspaper. Suggest to her that she needs to take a peek at the newspaper.

Lastly, come back and tell us how it goes!

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