Easily Plan Your Movie Outings With the Best Movie & Showtime Apps

Even though flat screen TVs are getting bigger by the year, nothing compares to the experience of enjoying a movie on the big screen. The combination of immense visuals and powerful sound can really make a huge difference when it comes to watching a film. I may not watch every movie that is released in the theaters, but I definitely like to catch a few films every now and then.

However, I must confess that more than once I have found myself rushing to the theater to catch a movie, to then have to stand in line to buy my tickets first. So, I thought it would be a good idea to find the best movie and showtime apps to check out what movies are playing and buy tickets ahead of time. I did a bit of research and found a pretty neat site called AppGrooves that has a list of the best 10 apps for movies and showtimes.

Best 10 Apps for Movies & Cinema Dates

I tested a few of the apps and I selected the top 3 I found to be the best. I wrote a short review with some of the pros and cons I found for each one.

IMDb Movies & TV – Find out what others think about any film

My first pick is IMDb. I was already familiar with the website as I frequently use it to find out information about the latest films. So, I was pleased to see that they made their entire database available on an app. What I really like about it is the vast amount of information you can obtain on any film. From cast information and plot summaries, to release dates, trailers, reviews, box office data, and more. I personally like the fact that you can read what critics are saying about a film if you want to gauge whether a movie is worth watching.

The only drawback I found is that sometimes the trailers and previews can take a bit of time to load. However, the quality of the videos is excellent, so it is definitely worth the wait. On the other hand, I did find that the movie stills load up pretty quickly.

BookMyShow – Perfect for planning your entire weekend

Another app I found to be particularly useful is BookMyShow. I found it to be pretty neat because it uses your GPS location to find events that are happening in your city. From movie releases to concerts, comedy shows, sports events, and more. So, if you want to easily plan your weekend, this is a great place to start. I also liked that it lists movie showtimes for any movie theater chain near you, so you can easily compare them and book your movie ticket, all in one place.

Although I found it to be a great choice for finding things to do in your city, I was a little disappointed that there isn’t a rewards program. The fact that you can book practically any type of event in one place makes it really convenient for making plans. So, hopefully, they can include a loyalty program in the future, as it would be a huge plus!

Atom Tickets – Keep an eye on your favorite releases

Last but not least, my third pick is Atom Tickets. There are a couple of reasons why I chose it as one of my top 3 favorites. The first being that you can set personalized watchlists for upcoming movies to find out as soon as tickets become available at nearby theaters. I also liked that you can pre-order concessions when you buy your ticket, so you can skip the line at the theater and head straight into the movie, popcorn in hand. Another plus I found is that you can easily reserve seats for a group of people, and have each person pay separately.   

While I love the fact that you can pre-order concessions right from your phone, I noticed that some movie theaters do not offer this type of service. However, it is really easy to identify which ones do and which ones don’t directly from the movie theater listing. So, if you don’t have much time to spare, make sure to pick a movie theater that lets you order your popcorn in advance.   


I hope you liked my top 3 picks. I love going to the movies, so I’m pretty thrilled to have found some of these apps. My favorite is Atom Tickets, as I love the fact that I can skip concession lines when going to the movies. What about you? Let me know what your favorites are. And, have fun at the movies!

Contributed by Fianna Harper


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