Drive Traffic And Make More Sales With Instagram Marketing Strategies

Typically, Instagram will help you drive more traffic to your site and make more sales eventually, but you will need to ensure that you use it in the best possible way. For that, you will need to know about all the tools and features of it and use them according to your business needs. 

Your website link is an important aspect to consider to make sure that your Instagram marketing effort pays rich dividends. However, unlike any other social network, Instagram is stringent about using such links on your bio. Typically, Instagram is very particular about where you can place your clickable links.

As of now, Instagram only allows its users to use only one clickable link that you can add to your Instagram profile bio. Therefore, it goes without saying that you will need to be very specific about the particular link that you use in your bio. 

It should be clear and relevant to ensure that your visitors land on the exact page to get the precise information they want when they click on it.

You must also ensure that they land on this page of your website directly from the app without facing the inconvenience of logging out from one site and into another.

This will ensure they have a greater user experience and can make a buying decision quickly.  

Ideally, most businesses use a link that sends their followers to a blog or to the homepage of their suite, which is a great idea but is not feasible for an eCommerce business.

However, there are a few things that you should consider in this regard and deal with this restriction.

You can do what most businesses do and frequently update your website link so that you can send your Instagram followers to their desired pages of the latest products or promotions and then incorporate that link in your Instagram captions. 

However, there is one significant problem with this approach. It is that the photo feed of Instagram is no more chronological. Instead, it is based on the deductions and likings of the Instagram algorithm. That means that when your business posts say ‘link in bio,’ it may not actually be that particular link in your Instagram bio that will correspond to that of your website or the specific page that your followers land on.

Using the proper tools

Therefore, you can use the shoppable Instagram feed to choose the best link to add to your bio that will serve you purposefully. This will make it much easier for you to drive more targeted and organic traffic to your site. It will also ensure that you do not let your only chance to use only one clickable URL in your Instagram bio go to waste.

You will get a lot of help using this tool in adding links to any of your Instagram posts that you may have published. This will ensure that you properly direct your Instagram followers to the right content or product pages on your site. In addition to that, it will also allow you to use links to connect to multiple pages and even websites, so you will not have to change the link in your bio.

This will ensure that your Instagram bio is optimized; therefore, when one of your users clicks on the link in it, they will be directed either to the web or to a mobile-optimized landing page. It will resemble your Instagram feed and exhibit your posts as clickable images.

Therefore, when you use proper links and even tag products in your Instagram posts, you can make your Instagram feed a more clickable and shoppable landing page. This will help you drive more organic traffic to your site and increase your sales volume and business revenue.

Speaking of organic traffic, is Jarvee not working for you? There are other alternatives available for generating more followers and engagement. Organic, real followers and engagement make a difference, so if you are looking to buy Instagram followers, you should ensure that the service you choose to use will deliver organic followers who will engage with your content as any regular user on Instagram does. 

You can also take advantage of tools like SocialDrift. SocialDrift allows you to automatically schedule follows, likes, comments, and more. It was the only one available for a while, but now there are many more sites out there that can help you improve your following. In addition, other websites like SocialDrift are available today, and they’re far better because they are NOT against Instagram’s TOS. These sites can help you increase your reach across Instagram without getting your account flagged. 

Put in the contact information

Make sure that you put your contact information in your Instagram bio. This will help the customers, and new visitors get in touch with you in case they have any queries regarding you, your business, or your product.

You can put such information when you switch to an Instagram business profile by adding a “Contact” button at the top of your profile. Make sure that you also include in its different options such as:

  • The directions
  • The phone numbers
  • Your physical address and 
  •  Email address.

This feature will be highly beneficial for your business, enabling your followers to get in touch with you outside of Instagram. It will surely help in a great deal to boost your sales, especially if you have a physical store.

Instagram stories and UGCs

Finally, you can create a better impression on your Instagram followers using UGCS and Instagram Stories. 

You can choose the best UGCs by holding a contest and selecting the best and most relevant ones from these. Make sure that before you repost these after curation or as it is, you take permission and credit the original creator by mentioning them in the caption. You should never tag them simply in the photos, as that is unethical and will have an adverse effect on your reputation.

On the other hand, using Instagram Stories Highlights is also great for introducing your business to potential followers. These are more like movie trailers in the Instagram feed and are creative ways to express yourself and show your products. This will drive traffic and help you market your business.


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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing, with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. 


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