The Future of Online Notarization for Businesses

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You probably already know that a notary public is a state-appointed official who serves as an impartial witness to eliminate fraud. Essentially, a notary is a person who can sign off on documents with their trusted sealed stamp, making those documents official or legal. Notary publics serve as an unbiased go-between for two or more signing parties in a contractual agreement where they are responsible for making sure everyone involved is on the same page (no pun intended), and not signing anything under duress or intimidation.

You might be in the market for a notary if you have a will, a property deed, powers of attorney, or any number of business documents you need notarized. There is no shortage of instances in which a business will run into a need for a notary to officiate the signing of various documents on any given day. With this in mind, hiring a remote notary is a fantastic place to meet your business notarization needs in one spot. In the case of many businesses, it makes sense to find an online notary team with highly trained and certified notaries on the payroll, available 24/7.

Options For 24/7 Notarization Needs

Thanks to online and remote notarization options, gone are the days of being held up by scheduling conflicts or lack of available notaries.

The future of online notarization – supported by streamlined software solutions designed specifically to notarize documents online – makes it blissfully simple, allowing business owners to put precious energy into company goals and strategies rather than jumping through hoops during your lunchtime to nail down a notary public.

There is no sense in spending unnecessary time finding a notary who can come to you in a specific time frame these days. Now, with a remote online notary, notarizing documents is easier than ever thanks to advanced technology and software that makes legalizing and officiating your business documents in the flash of an eye at your earliest convenience a total cakewalk.

For businesses, the future is electronic notaries you can trust.


It can be difficult to secure a notary public you trust for yourself or your business on short notice. As we know, notary publics get hired to serve as impartial witnesses, ensuring all official signings are on the up and up. Remote online notaries understand this better than anyone. This is why many companies that hire remote notary publics will put into place a thoughtful and thorough protocol for their employed notaries to follow. For example, all notaries may have to be Virginia commissioned, meaning they’re recognized by the state of Virginia and thus able to notarize documents in other states. Before notaries are eligible for employment at some remote notarization companies, they must become certified as an Electronic Notary, an extra step that ensures legitimacy in the signing of important documents online, sometimes with the signer being present with the notary, or in the case of remote online notarizations, without any party having to be present in person. Do your homework before you hire an online notary to ensure they are up to speed with these important regulations and certifications.

Depending upon your personal preference or specific business needs, you can find several certified notary publics who are ready to meet your specific goals. Perhaps your notary must have 24/7 availability? This is not an unusual request for businesses nowadays. In fact, most remote notaries offer their services last minute and with no cap on late-night signings.

The Beauty of Remote Online Notarizations

The future of business will certainly trend towards remote online notarizations; a shift that many in the industry have adequately begun preparing for. Following the Pandemic in 2020, many companies switched over to more remote opportunities. With more people working from home, the notary realm had to switch gears, and quickly, to accommodate these transitions. By creating advanced software that allows employees and signers of all kinds to access business documents for signing from their laptops, so, too, did the need for electronic and remote notarization.

Remote notarization provides businesses with more freedom while meeting the growing and speedy needs of the current climate. With flexible appointment times and anywhere-signing locations, as well as easy-pay options offered from sophisticated software that makes it simple for a business to book and buy in one stop. We know at least this for sure: the future of online notarization for businesses is an exciting one!

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