Cost Saving Ideas to Make an Affordable Memorial Successful

Loss of a dear person is beyond doubt an unfortunate and sad incident. In the midst of such testing times, apart from coping with the loss, there is the additional burden of planning a funeral. These costs can reach a substantial level depending on a myriad of factors the family members or the friends of the deceased can choose from. With the changed mindset of society, the pressure for having a grand funeral service has gone down considerably. With a wide range of options available in the market, it is possible to save costs and still have a beautifully planned affordable memorial service.

Creating a funeral budget

Setting up a budget is the first step toward keeping a check on funeral costs. With easy access to the internet, some online research work can help in framing a suitable budget. A practical approach is to keep it simple and not be overwhelmed by the pushing sales of additional services by funeral homes.

Investing time to shop around

It is always a good idea to make calls to funeral homes, asking for their service prices and other related queries like funeral packages if any. Another way is to compare service prices online by visiting their websites.

Direct burial of a body

If the body is buried as soon as possible after the death of the person, then there is no need for embalming or preserving the body, and is an affordable memorial option available with most funeral homes.

Cremation vs. Burial

Choosing cremation over traditional burial can substantially reduce costs. But opting for this option is only possible if the deceased or the family do not have personal or religious beliefs related to this matter. If you choose cremation you will want to look into online memorials to record the details when it is time to spread the ashes. In addition, cremation is a more affordable memorial option than traditional burial due to the following reasons:

  • To bury a body, one needs to reserve a plot in the cemetery, and if it is not a pre-purchased plot of land that can shoot up the cost.
  • State laws do not make burial mandatory, however, the last wish of the deceased or the family’s religious beliefs play an important role in the decision.

Renting a casket:

People looking for budget funerals have two options to choose from. Either they can rent a magnificent casket to lay the body during the service and later on transfer the body to a simple affordable one during the cremation service or they can ask for guidance from funeral directors who can assist the families in choosing a casket from a wide range of affordable memorial options.

Explore funeral venue options:

Though there are a number of factors to be kept in mind, like planning the service, arranging for the coffin, holding the visitations, etc., many families prefer to hold the funeral at home as it is one of the best options for an affordable memorial.

  • Some beaches and parks allow permits for holding memorial services.
  • A favorite outdoor location of the deceased person can be the funeral venue.
  • During the lean seasons, wedding venues allow funeral services at competitive prices.
  • Banquets are always available for booking.

Holding the funeral at a religious place, such as a church, is an affordable memorial option as compared to a funeral house. An advantage of holding a funeral at a church is that the clergy fees can be avoided, however, it is considered traditional to compensate them. Members of the church are offered such facilities for a very small fee or even can avail of the venue for free. Sometimes the health department authorities prohibit outside food. Here additional cost adds up to the budget as food needs to be bought from the church kitchen.


Contributed by Layla Flinn

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