Importance Of Bump Proof Locks

Lock Bumping is a specialized method to bypass pin and tumbler locks. This was invented for legal purposes; however certain entities access these tools for their own benefits. Lock Bumping is an attack technique to bypass locks which utilize special cuts keys. It is a very powerful technique, which conventional pin and tumbler locks often fail to withstand.

This technique works on the laws of physics. First, a specially cut key is put into the lock hole, then by using a certain type of object the key is struck or bumped. The energy henceforth is transferred to this through high impact forces on the pins of the key and lock for a few seconds and thus enabling experts to open the lock within that time frame.

However, the government has banned the distribution of lock-smith devices to lock manufacturers or recognized legal practitioners. Still, reports say that two out of every three break-ins are made successful due to this technique.

There are many anti-lock bumping locks available in the market these days which can save you and your property from any such scenario.

Which Locks One Should Buy to Avoid Such Situation?

When you are thinking about buying a lock for your home or business, you must look out for bump proof locks. There are different kinds of locks available for you to choose from. When you are looking to buy locks for your home, you can opt for mechanical bump proof locks while for businesses you can go for either mechanical or electronic bump proof locks.

Mechanical bump proof locks often have a single access code which all the home users must have access to, while electronic locks come with multi-programming abilities and related features. However, electronic bump proof locks are much more expensive and may not be required for homes or may create unnecessary complications for the homeowners.

Ways to protect yourself from lock bumping 

With the advancement of the technology and the internet, this technique is in open and anyone with some practice could get into your premises. The only thing that could save you from lock bumping is a lock which does not have a keyhole. And as with time the techniques related to lock bumping have grown, even the experts have developed ways of making lock secure from bumping. These could vary from being very inexpensive to expensive.

Some of These Techniques Are Mentioned Below:

  • Check the deadbolts of your locks saying that they are bump protected. If they say so, then you are obviously protected.
  • Visit a locksmith to help you install special pins that make it way more difficult to bump into your locks. Though it does not guarantee 100% security, still not anyone will be able to crash through your doors. This is an affordable way to increase the security of your doors.
  • Install very inexpensive pick proof and bump proof secondary deadbolt with your existing lock. This will cost you around $30 dollar including installation charges.
  • If you are thinking about increasing the security of your residential property, then there are many not so expensive bump proof locks available in the market. Schlege locks are least expensive option in this category. They are heavy duty, pick, and bump resistant, and are built of solid material which is very difficult to pass through.
  • For your commercial property, you can opt for heavy duty bump proof locks which are good in strength and provide resistance to attack with additional security features.
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