Listen to Your Car: 4 Times Your Automobile is Telling You to Get New Brakes

There are a few things that your vehicle will warn you about when they need to be replaced or examined. The brakes are one such system. When you begin to hear some of the warning signs that are given, then you need to find a mechanic who can check the brake pads and rotors to determine how much longer you might be able to safely drive your vehicle.


When your brake pads reach a certain point where they meet the metal of the rotors, then you’ll begin to hear a squealing sound when you depress the pedal. This is a sound that is often bothersome to many people whether they are in or out of the vehicle. Most of the time, you’ll hear this squealing sound when you back up or when you first drive the car in the mornings.

No Padding

When you depress the brake pad, you shouldn’t be able to push the pedal all the way to the floor in order to stop the car. If the pedal reaches the floor and you’re still struggling to stop, then it’s time to get new brake pads. This is often the point where you won’t hear any kind of noise as there is no pad left. You might notice this issue if there’s air in the brake lines or if the fluid is low as well.

Pulling to One Side

As you brake, the vehicle should stay straight in your lane. If the vehicle veers to one side of the road, then there is usually an issue with the rotors. They are usually warped if the vehicle veers while braking. Issues with your tires can also cause this to occur while you’re driving. If you let this problem go, then you could end up damaging the joints and other components of the vehicle. A good auto mechanic can examine all of the components of the brake system as well as the joints to determine what needs to be replaced.


A sign that there is a decrease in the amount of resin on the brake pads is if the pedal vibrates when it’s depressed. There should be a fluid movement when you depress the brake pedal instead of feeling any kind of vibration at all. There could be a minimal amount of resin left. It could also be unevenly distributed on the brake pads.

The brake system is an important part of your vehicle. Fortunately, you’ll notice a few warning signs when something goes wrong. Get your vehicle checked before the issue becomes worse and you have no way to stop while driving.

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