Comfortable and Durable Reading Glasses!

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased new reading glasses. In fact, it’s been a while for my parents as well. So, it was a rare occurrence when we ordered from We’re the type of people that will wear a pair of glasses until we can’t tape them anymore before we buy a new pair. We’re not cheap, we’re just picky about how they feel and look.

It’s not easy to find a pair of reading glasses that fit your face well. Since they’re not the prescription kind where they make them to fit your face, they can sometimes sit oddly or be uncomfortable. The first thing I noticed about these reading glasses is how comfortably they fit not only on my face but my mom and dad’s faces as well.

My mother and I got the same pair of glasses (The Gleela) only we bought them in different powers. They were super cute and matched our style well. My dad went for The Pike Place Computer Reader glasses because he works on the computer quite often. He needs his glasses mainly when he’s on the computer or reading so these worked out perfectly for him. He got another pair, The Brookside, for when he’s having to speak up in front of church with a touch of style.

We all loved the way they sat on our face and how sturdy they felt. I can’t tell you how many glasses we’ve broken because they were just so flimsy. These reading glasses are strong and good quality.

They came well packaged which I think is important when purchasing an item that can be fragile in shipping. There’s nothing worse than waiting for an item to arrive only for it to arrive broken. They came pretty quickly too. I get so giddy about absolutely anything coming in the mail that it kills me to wait on my items to arrive. The glasses from came within the week and they got the order spot on.

My mom likes to wear those neck cords for her glasses because she is constantly setting her glasses down and misplacing them. She absolutely loved the Sporty Neck Cord she got from because it was comfy and matched her glasses. Her old neck cord used to rub her raw and she didn’t have that issue with this neck cord.


I will definitely be using again. Not only because they have a great selection but also because their prices are phenomenal! You can’t beat a company that has great prices, a great product, and an overall, great experience.


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