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Being a mother is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Funny, before my oldest daughter was born my sister said she couldn’t imagine ME – being a mother.  I know she doesn’t think that now. 😉  But back then, I was not the typical mother type.  I read every parenting magazine I could get my hands on.  I watched every baby show on TLC.  But those things didn’t prepare me for motherhood.  Once my baby was born, God gave me a natural instinct to care for my child. What a beautiful picture of his love for us!

My family is not rich by any means.  But, compared to the world, we are very rich.  We don’t ever skip a meal or worry about drinking fresh water.  We are blessed.  Truly blessed.  Imagine if you were a mother living in extreme poverty.  Can you even imagine that?  When I think about these mothers, I sit and wonder.  I wonder what their thoughts are, burdens are, dreams are.  It has to be difficult to raise a precious child in an extreme situation, poverty.

Image courtesy of Compassion International

Compassion International offers the Child Survival Program where you can help save the lives of babies and mothers in poverty.  Mothers can give their children a fighting chance for healthy development in spite of the challenges ahead of them.  Even with a one time donation, supplies and training can be provided to make a difference. 

My Compassion Story:

My husband and I have been child sponsors through Compassion International for 10 years. Our second little boy is going to be 5 this month.  It is such a joy to be able to give him an education, medical care, and most importantly the word of God through an amazing organization such as Compassion International.


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