Best Relaxing Home Feature: Pool or Sauna?

How do you best relax at the end of a long and hard day? For some people, a nice cup of tea and warm waffle can do the trick. For others, it’ll have to be a glass of a fuzzy and yummy alcohol-free cocktail, preferably served in a place that plays loud and trendy music. But ultimately, when you’re at home, you need to find something that works for you. While having a cup of tea or biting in a cookie sounds like an indulgent treat, the relaxing properties of both these elements are still yet to be demonstrated. In fact, if you want to be able to leave your worries at the door when you get home, you need to create a space that is entirely dedicated to your relaxation. Here’s a hint for you: It can’t be your bedroom. Relaxing and sleeping are two very different things. It’s about freeing up your mind and your body from the toxins accumulated throughout the day. And there are two excellent ways of doing so, depending on whether you like a cool or a warm environment. Will it be a pool or a sauna?

Dry sauna to relax

Plan for it accordingly

Creating a relaxing space at home means that you need to consider home improvement projects carefully. You can have a look for the best personal loans on the market to define how much you can afford in building your relaxation haven. Additionally, you need to get in touch with professional builders and surveyors to determine whether you need an extension or whether you can use the available space for your project. A sauna, for example, requires a specific ventilation solution so that the steam generated doesn’t affect the structure of your home. Similarly, an indoor pool could increase air humidity and cause mold formation.

Cool water when it’s warm

So who should pick a pool? If you love the idea of replacing your daily jog by a swim, adding a pool to your home is the best solution. However, you need to be careful if you’ve got young children and pets, as you want the pool to be safe for the entire family. The size of your pool will depend on whether you are planning swimming laps – in that case, you need at least 30 feet in length –  or fun pool parties with friends. How do you best relax with a pool? Dive in and feel the coolness of the water against your skin. It’s all it takes to relieve stress.

Are you a pool person?  

Warm air when it’s cold

More and more American families are considering at home saunas as the best way to relax. Indeed, it only takes 30 mins in a dry or wet sauna to cleanse your body from toxins and wave goodbye to your stressful thoughts. Within a couple of months, you might even notice a difference in your skin health and your mood. As the heat increases your heart rates, it also releases endorphin, which is a hormone known to reduce stress and hence happiness.

Whether you like it cool or warm, your home relaxation solution is only one improvement project away. So what are you waiting for?


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