4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Pediatrician for Your Baby

A good pediatrician is easy to find. A good pediatrician who is perfect for your child, though, is a bit tougher to track down. Here are four key tips for finding the perfect pediatrician.

Look at Your Insurance

While there are many factors that will impact your choice, perhaps the most important will concern your insurance coverage. It’s very hard to pay for an infant’s care out of pocket, so you’ll want to make sure that your pediatrician is within your insurance company’s network. Finding out if the pediatrician takes your coverage is usually as easy as logging on to your provider’s website and typing in a bit of information. While this won’t tell you much about how the doctor operates, it will give you an idea of if seeing that doctor is financially viable.

Check the Location

Is the pediatrician you prefer close enough to where you are located? There are certain areas in which finding a doctor is just a matter of mileage, so make sure that your pediatrician is actually within driving distance. For example, Rural Health Services Consortium Inc. may be great but not close by for most readers.

You want to make sure you have someone who will be able to be there when necessary, so don’t pick a doctor who will require a long commute. The closer the doctor, the more comfortable you should feel taking your child there in an emergency. After all, you don’t want to subject your child to lengthy travel times when he or she is already sick.

Meet the Doctor

It’s also a very good idea to meet the doctor before you commit to bringing your child to his or her practice permanently. This can be as easy as having a quick check-up to check your rapport as well as the doctor’s skill. There is a wealth of information that you can get from a single visit, which in turn should help you determine if you’ve picked the right doctor. It’s perhaps the best way to determine how well the doctor fits your needs.

Remember Your Power

Finally, remember that you have a certain degree of power in your relationship with a pediatrician. If you feel like something isn’t working, you should bring it up to the doctor. If he or she is receptive to your concerns, you know that you have a winner. If he or she shrugs off the customer service part of care, you might want to move on. One of the real keys to finding a good pediatrician for your child is figuring out if you can be assertive enough to get what you need.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. You and your child deserve the right doctor. No matter how much work it takes, you can find the right healthcare professional for your family.

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