Adrenaline Alert: 5 Adventure Sports for Extreme Thrills

Filipe Dos Santos Mendes |

Are you tired of spending your time at home or work? If you long for a fun escape from everyday life, consider trying one or a few exhilarating adventure sports. Sometimes called extreme sports or action sports, adventure sports are typically outdoor activities.

Many adventure sports exist, some of which you might not know about. Because of that, narrowing down what adventurous activities to try might seem impossible. Fortunately, we have the perfect list of extreme sports to try for unforgettable experiences by yourself or with others.

1. Skydiving and Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping and skydiving can provide heart-pounding thrills if you don’t have a fear of heights. Skydiving involves diving out of a flying aircraft. Bungee jumping involves jumping off a platform or similar structure with a strong elastic cord tied to you.

The thrill of bungee jumping occurs as you rapidly descend towards the ground. You’ll enjoy additional thrills as your attached elastic rope causes you to bounce or rebound into the sky. On the other hand, skydiving provides slightly longer thrills as this descent can take up to a full minute or longer, depending on the altitude of your jump.

2. Snowboarding

As long as you don’t mind cold weather, snowboarding is another must-try adventure sport. If you live in a reasonably snowy climate, such as Colorado or Utah, you’ll find many places to snowboard.

While skiing requires using separate skis, snowboarding involves placing and securing your feet onto one board. Snowboards look similar to skateboards without wheels. However, snowboards are much bigger than skateboards.

If you’re new to snowboarding, your best bet is to check out some of your city’s most popular trails. These spots should have beginner terrain letting you learn how to balance properly and gain speed slowly. More adventurous and experienced snowboarders may consider carving trails and performing snowboarding tricks at spots with steeper slopes.

3. Mountain Biking


Mountain biking is another great adventure sport providing pulse-pounding excitement. This action sport provides a thrilling way to exercise, explore, and enjoy a great adventure. Mountain biking is also great because most areas offer nearby biking trails.

As is the case with snowboarding, trails exist for beginner, intermediate, and advanced bikers. If you’re new to mountain biking, consider using slower-paced trails with gentle slopes. In time, you’ll have the experience to handle trails with challenging jumps and descents.

This sport can require a bit of money to purchase a new or used mountain bike. Fortunately, most bikes are inexpensive to maintain. If you’re on a tight budget, check out eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and similar services to find used mountain bikes for sale.

4. Kayaking and White Water Rafting

Do you prefer having fun at lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water? If you don’t want to enjoy land or air-based adventure sports, kayaking or white water rafting might be perfect for you.

Kayaking is typically a solo experience or one shared with another person. White water rafting is ideal for groups of people. Another difference between these two adventure sports is where they most commonly happen. Kayaking is ideal for calm bodies of water; white water rafting typically takes place on rapids where water moves much faster.

If you crave a bumpy, turbulent ride, gather some friends and go on a white water rafting adventure. Kayaking is better if you prefer a calmer, solo experience. Or, enjoy the best of both worlds with whitewater kayaking!

5. Archery

One of the world’s oldest sports is also a great experience for your adventurous side. Archery involves using a bow and arrow, typically aiming to hit specially marked targets. You can enjoy this sport by yourself or competitively with other archers. Taking up archery is also beneficial if the other sports above are a bit too extreme for your liking.

As any archer will likely tell you, archery is a sport with a bit of a learning curve. So, don’t feel dejected if you struggle to use your bow and arrow properly. With enough time and practice, you could be hitting bulls-eyes in no time. The best way to get started with this adventure sport is with a high-quality bow, bow strings, and arrows.

Archery gives you the excitement of watching your shot arrow speed through the air as it hits a nearby target. What’s beneficial about archery is it doesn’t require living in a snowy area or near rivers. All you need is your archery equipment and a few targets.

Try one of the previously mentioned action sports the next time you need a thrill. These activities may require a little money and time investment. However, spending time learning how to take part in these sports could unearth one or several of your new favorite hobbies!

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