A Step-by-step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

You got engaged. Congratulations! You are planning for your next step: Marriage. But planning your biggest party will require figuring out a lot of elements. It might feel pretty daunting at first. But whether you are looking for a small, big, or lavish wedding, the steps are pretty much the same.

In this blog, we will help you cover the basics of “how to plan your dream wedding?” The tips will help you enjoy the process and adjust to craft a fantastic plan for the big day of your dreams. Let’s dig in and tackle the steps of planning a wedding to ensure it is a smooth and stress-free process. 

Step 1: Set your budget

Setting your budget is the most critical step of the entire wedding planning. While it might not be a fun part of this process, doing it right will set the rest of your wedding planning process in motion. First, you must sit with your family and decide how much everyone will contribute. For instance, who will buy the flowers for the wedding or arrange your budget-friendly wedding flowers, which person will help you close the deal for the venue, and so on?

Besides that, you must look into your savings too. You must find out how much you can put towards your wedding. Stick to the number. And if you don’t have any savings, it’s time you set aside some amount for your wedding. This will help you get a figure to find creative tips for designing an impeccable wedding without going over the budget. 

Step 2: Select your wedding date

Select your wedding date as soon as you decide to move to the next level in your relationship. There might be a little back and forth to come up with a date that suits everyone. This is why you must decide as early as possible. 

Professionals suggest having at least three wedding dates so that you can compare rates for the same venue or expand your reach or options. Further, opting for a weekday wedding is a good option if you are on the right budget. 

Step 3: Build your wedding guest list

Pick a weekend and sit down with your partner to find out the approximate size of the wedding. If you plan a small wedding, the list will differ from a larger one. This is why you must:

  • Write down the name of your family and friends. 
  • You can create a list of family and friends under two categories. For instance, the “A” list contains necessary people, and the “B” list includes the name of extended family. Narrow down list B until it fits your size and budget.

While doing that, make sure you must pick your maid of honor, best man, groomsmen/ women, and bridesmaids/men. They are important folks since they will be with you from the rehearsal dinner until you drive off after your wedding party.

You may be a little nostalgic and want to invite best friends from high school you have not seen or heard from in ages. If you do a simple people search online, you most likely will be able to find them and reconnect. Having old friends attend your special event will make it all the better.

Step 4: Choose a wedding venue:

Let’s dive deeper into finding the perfect location and venue for your wedding. You must narrow down the lists you find online or via recommendations based on the size, style, budget, guest size, and services offered. 

You could choose a barn, outdoor, garden/park, beach, or hotel/resort. Make sure the venue isn’t too far away from your location, or you will lose a lot of time traveling. Things might change if you plan a destination wedding. 

Step 5: Choose your wedding dress and accessories

You must give yourself enough time to find the perfect outfit for your wedding. Sometimes it takes months to choose an attire. Remember, it takes time to tailor the dress as per your body shape and size. It won’t be wrong to say that you wouldn’t like any last-minute dress changes. Also, this will help you decide the overall theme of the wedding. This must be your first preference before deciding on the party decor. 

Step 6: Decide on the color palette, theme, and decor

You probably won’t need a theme if you are only calling one or two dozen of your closest loved ones. But you will require some decor in that case as well. You must decide whether you want to keep it romantic, formal, winter/ holiday, or rustic. All details are important, from the decor elements to the venue’s setup. For instance, you can set up a fresh summer tablescape using the silver birch tablecloth and sage birch napkins from Loom & Table. A stunning decoration idea would be to create a soft-toned tablescape and enhance it with neutral-colored plate settings, and gold cutlery, and then accessorize with white, peach, pink, and green florals.

According to that, you can easily purchase flowers for a wedding, decide on the types of bouquet flowers, or opt for DIY wedding flowers to customize the theme. Ideally, you must look at the layout, wall colors, and venue architecture to decide about the theme and wedding flowers colors.

Step 7: Choose your Save-the-date cards

Although they aren’t necessary, you can use them to give your guests some heads up, especially about the wedding details like venue, date, or theme. Ideally, you must send it at least 6-10 months before your big day. But it depends on your wedding timeline. You can also include any actionable step in the card to help your guests with “what next?” 

You can replace it with wedding invitations and provide details about the seating and other necessary information. 

Step 8: Confirm with the vendors

You must hire the vendors depending on the style, location, and theme. Ideally, you will need a musician, DJ/ band, videographer, photographer, catering service, makeup/hair artist, and officiant. 

Make sure you ask for recommendations and prioritize your spending depending on this list to avoid any splurging in wedding costs. 

After this, you are left with only two steps. 

Step 9: Go for a rehearsal dinner 

Step 10: Get married!

Still wondering, is a wedding hard? Honestly, some aspects of a wedding are hard. But it depends on different people. This is why you must delegate tasks to avoid any overwhelming moments. 


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