Best Places To Raise A Family In The US

Let’s say you’ve decided to start a family. Of course, something like that doesn’t happen just because you’ve decided it would. Raising a family is not an easy thing to handle nowadays. Young parents know this for a fact. And one of the reasons is that more and more cities are becoming not-so-family-friendly. These are just the most prominent reasons behind the trend: overpopulation, high crime rates, pollution, you name it. But let’s focus on the bright side. There are many beautiful family-friendly communities all around the USA that never get mentioned. Wondering what the best places to raise a family in the US are? You’ve come to the right spot. We’ll show you some of the most charming family-friendly towns you can stumble upon in our country.

Naperville, Illinois

You’ll find this town appearing on many lists concerning the coolest places to live in the US. Of course, there’s a good reason for that. A welcoming, well-educated community with about 150k residents (a number that provides them with both the small-town connectedness and the big-city anonymity) is something you should expect before moving to this Midwestern beauty. Moreover, the city has extremely low crime rates compared to other cities of similar size. Anyway, we’re sure that if you choose Naperville as your family’s starting point, there’s not a chance you’ll regret making that decision. Oh, and we forgot to mention the beautiful nature surrounding the city. Just take a look at the picture below.

This photo was taken at the Danada Forest Preserve near Naperville. As you can see, there’s some beautiful natural scenery in the city’s surroundings.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

So, we’re still in the Midwest. We’ll take a quick look at the city that gave us The Stooges, proto-punk legends. Iggy Pop’s hometown is currently one of the best places to raise a family in the US. It has a supreme public school system (probably the best one in the country), and its residents are pretty educated (more than half of them are college graduates). Doesn’t that sound amazing? Anyway, your children deserve quality education to help them realize their true potential. By choosing Ann Arbor as your home, you’re doing them a great favor.

Raleigh, North Carolina

This one you’ll also see topping the charts. Whether it’s the best places to live in the US list or the best places to buy a house in the US list – the critics are not having any trouble wondering if Raleigh deserves mentioning. It might be the most-populated town we’ll show you here, but it has a nice suburban feel to it. According to, Raleigh is a pretty satisfying blend of urban and suburban, with low crime rates and clean streets. If you ever decide to relocate here with your kids, you can use some simple tips to make the process effortless. For example, make sure to somehow involve your kids in the relocation ordeal. That way, they’ll handle the change more easily and adapt to their new surroundings without much trouble. 

Raleigh residents know how to keep a clean city. It’s one of the things newcomers immediately recognize.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Home to the oldest university in the country (Harvard University), Cambridge is a Massachusetts gem located just across the Charles River from Boston. So, if you ever want to enjoy some big-city heat – you can just cross the bridge over to Boston. This should probably go without saying, but the city has an excellent public school system, and its residents are well-known as very hospitable. Also, many folks love the cultural diversity of this fantastic city. If you’d like to be a part of a multicultural community that is very tolerant and open-minded, Cambridge might be the place you’d want to start a family. We all know how important it is for kids to respect and appreciate cultures other than their own. By moving to Cambridge, they’ll have a chance to enjoy the wonders (and hardships, of course) of a multicultural society.

Overland Park, Kansas

This one is for all suburbia lovers out there. Most folks around our country share the same dream: a large suburban house with a neatly cut green lawn overlooked and guarded by a dense tree line on both sides of the street. If you found a bit of your own fantasy inside the previous sentence, there’s a fair chance that you’ll find the perfect home for your family in Overland Park. The city has an all-American kind of suburban feel to it, and it has a lot of parks where your kids can enjoy their childhood playing with their peers. Also, if your kids are into sports, the city offers top-class sports academies. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful community just outside Kansas City.

If you’re a fan of suburban imagery, Overland Park might be the place of your dreams.

Sunnyvale, California

Let’s pay a visit to the West Coast. If you expect a city named Sunnyvale to have a meager crime rate, you are absolutely right. Besides that, Sunnyvale public schools are among the best in the state of California. The city offers its residents many fun activities. There’s no doubt your kids will enjoy some of them. Also, it’s not just the kids that will enjoy this Californian beauty. Adults want to have fun, too! There are many great bars and restaurants in the downtown area, so make sure you don’t miss out on them. In other words: there are many things that the whole family can enjoy in Sunnyvale.

Best Places to Raise a Family in the US – a Conclusion

That’s all, folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick ride through some of the best places to raise a family in the US. Now, here comes the decision-making process. Don’t panic! There’s no going wrong with choosing any city we’ve mentioned on the list as a possible location for your new home. As you can imagine, our country has never been short of beautiful cities and towns. Never was, never will be.

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