A Survival Guide for Transporting Plants

One of the best ways to brighten a room is to add tons of greenery. And while it’s no secret that plants instantly elevate the aesthetic of a room, they have a ton of other added benefits as well. It’s proven that plants help reduce stress and better our moods, plus they’re helpful to the environment by improving air quality and reducing carbon dioxide levels. So it’s safe to say, plants are a must in, not only the household, but office, gym, and any other place you spend sufficient amounts of time.

If you’re moving in 2019, and refuse to leave your green, leafy friends behind, there are ways to safety transport them to their new location.
The Zebra created this cute, helpful guide that outlines how to safely and effectively transport your plants, highlighting prep tips for before, during, and after the trip. Check it out below!

transporting plants

Infographic from TheZebra.com


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