8 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

When you are feeling a little low on self-confidence, what’s your approach to coping with it? Eat a tub of ice cream and self-loathe? Take a nap until you forget about it? Or crawl into your bed, wrap that weighted blanket around yourself, and sink yourself in entertainment by turning on the TV and making the most of Spectrum TV packages you choose for yourself. Whatever it is the way you cope, sulking in your bed or letting yourself drown in self-loathing is not the right approach. You can’t expect yourself to be perfect all the time. You have got to get up, go out and smell the roses. 

The way you decide to feel about yourself has a deep impact on your everyday choices. You better step up and take control of the negative thoughts before they consume you and keep you from growing. With that being said, here are some handy ways to feel good about yourself again.  

1: Start Your Day with Some Positive Affirmations

Get into the habit of listening to positive affirmations every morning, the soonest you wake up. Positive affirmations set you up with the right state of mind. You don’t have to scoff at them. Just give them 10 minutes of your time and go about your day.

I hear you, affirmations may seem like they are full of air but they really do make a difference. Start reading them or listening to them and see how they add value to your life.

2: Leave the House, Go Outdoors

Don’t be a homebody and confine yourself behind the four walls of your apartment. Get out, spend some time outdoors like a park or a hiking trail. This activity will lower your cortisol levels and reduce your heart rate. And if you can’t go outside because of your office hours, place some house plants on your desk. It’s important to see something green!

3: Practice Gratitude

Make a habit of practicing words of gratitude. It certainly lifts the mood but you don’t have to write a long list of reasons why you are thankful. All you have to do is briefly write them down in your journal and make it a regular exercise. It will improve your overall life satisfaction.

4: Get Dressed

Whatever you decide to wear each day has the power to dictate how you feel. If you have even one piece of apparel that makes you feel confident or pretty, wear it!

Wear formal clothing once in a while. They help you see clearer. Dress for success is what I mean here!

5: Forgive Yourself

We all carry the mistakes of our pasts, the things we are not so proud of. Maybe you said hurtful things to someone or betrayed the person you love. Whatever weight of the past you are carrying, let it go. Our past mistakes shouldn’t define us. You made a mistake or two. So what. Go easy on yourself.

Learn from them and grow. That’s what makes us better people. Forgive yourself and try not to repeat the same mistakes again.

6:Create a ‘Brag List’

A gratitude list isn’t the only list you need in life. You also need a brag list to sustain your self-confidence.

Grab that pen and list down the things you are proud of. It could be anything you have achieved or any difficulty you have overcome. You can also write about what makes you a special person. In short, write anything you need to hear about yourself when you are feeling less confident.

7: Learn Something New

Spend every day of yourself hoping to come out with more insight and knowledge into the world. Read one chapter of a book every night, learn a new language or a skill, and listen to a podcast.

Learning something new means you are progressing in life and this makes you feel good about yourself since you are a bit smarter than yesterday, right! This way, you will have something more to brag about in your brag list and a new topic for small talk with friends and coworkers.

8: Ask Someone Else

It can be hard to look into the mirror and love yourself, especially if you are your own biggest critic. While we shouldn’t be looking for validation from others, a little appreciation doesn’t hurt anybody.

Talk to your friends or someone you trust. Tell them you are having a rough time. They will give you a little pep talk, which will lift your mood. Ask them to compliment you and see how that makes you feel.


With these little remedies, you will regain your confidence and start looking at life more positively than before.


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