5 Ways Fashion Can Bring Out The Best Version of You

People with poor fashion sense either don’t know anything about style, or they don’t care.  

Your wardrobe speaks a million things about you. Look at it and examine your collection. Is it appealing enough? Do you find the latest designs? Would you feel comfortable letting your stylish friend walk through your closet?

If people around you have always made remarks about your bad taste, maybe it’s time to tweak it up.

The world of fashion is dynamic, potent and unravels a new surprise every day. If you have finally decided to turn over a new leaf, start by keenly watching the trends. Analyze what has been there for a long time and what designers are showing on the catwalks. This will help you understand what will pop in the shops this year.

Fashion defines your personality

A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality states that you can tell a lot about a person’s personality, status, income, and age by looking at their shoes.

Did you ever notice that when President Obama was addressing a class of working-class Americans, he had his sleeves rolled up and did not wear a jacket?

It is, therefore, essential that you dress according to the circumstances. For instance, wearing a tie in a tech startup might indicate that you’re rigid and resistant to a change.

How does fashion play in your favor? 

Clothes can make a statement. And we have the power to control this statement. You know this when you put on a banging outfit and grab more eyeballs than usual.

How modifying our fashion game will help us enhance our personality? The following few tips might come in handy to achieve this:

Be confident: Style is meant to empower us. Instead of trying to pull something out of your league, it is always safe to go for the ordinary. Then, learn the art of turning ordinary into extraordinary.

Fashion is not supposed to make you self-conscious. It is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Also, one day of bad style doesn’t mean you have to stay in your comfort zone and be a wallflower at the other events too.

Coordinate your outfits well: You may have a lot of monochromes piled up in your closet, but it won’t dazzle anyone unless you make combos out of them. Learn what colors in your wardrobe would go together. Examine the color wheel and study which colors complement each other. Once you are done with the attire, pay attention to your footwear. It is essential to know when you need sneakers and when a fancy pair of boots would do the job.

Use accessories: Jewelry and accessories can make an outfit go from flat to fab within an instant. It is integral not to go overboard with accessories. Instead, take everything in moderation when you first try new techniques for your outfit.

Consider your colors: Everyone has a color which they feel comfortable in. If you get your eyes on something that falls in your color palette, don’t think twice. But if there are shades you have never tried before, we suggest you pass by those thoughts. Or, try those colors in less expensive material to examine if it goes with your complexion and personality.

5 ways fashion polishes your personality

Embracing your style and elevating it through fashion trends will change your life in magnificent ways.

  • Exudes security 

An individual who dresses in such a fashionable way exhibits self-awareness and knowledge. It becomes clear that they are secure in their bubble and not scared to sport their favorite outfits.

Yes, we all have insecurities. But a part of embodying self-knowledge and self-awareness requires valuing yourself so that you feel comfortable in your shell. For instance, people with heavier upper bodies could find plus size leather jackets, pair them up with the trending bootcut or mom jeans and stay atop the style game.

This portrays a solid sense of security and enables an individual to stride through the rough tides confidently.

  • It reveals discipline

Having a strong fashion sense requires discipline. It reveals how we shop and stay patient yet determined. A sense of discipline is also evident when you understand what you need in your wardrobe. It allows you to overlook a few items despite the appeal.

Discipline is evident in the way we invest and know the power of quality over quantity.

  • Presumed as the person of interest

When we dress fashionably, we give out a sense of respect for ourselves. Although clothes don’t determine a person’s worth, humans have always relied on visual instincts. We make subconscious judgments about people based on their looks. Thus, it is essential to dress well and cultivate positive assumptions in your favor.

  • It makes you stand out of the crowd

Dressing to stand out should never be the goal when you are trying to follow fashion trends. Instead, if you dress well and in a way that goes with your personality, it will separate you from the crowd. Moreover, it is not about having a designer label at your back. But it is about pulling together an outfit that goes well with your hair color, skin tone, expectations at the designation, and so much more.

Ease is always a top priority, even when you are trying new fashion trends.

  • It makes you memorable

When you choose a style statement for yourself, people tend to remember you for that. It stays etched in their brains, and they recall it every time they hear your name. For example, Carrie Bradshaw and her flower broach are still discussed by artists with signature styles.

Key takeaway

“Style is something each of us already has; all we need to do is find it.” — Diane von Furstenberg

The world of fashion is here to guide us find our style. And when you finally learn how to go with the trends, it will let you swim through the rough waters of life as it brings confidence and security in yourself.

So, don’t hesitate and learn. Who knows, you might be sharing fashion tips next year?!

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