8 Most Attractive Countries to Travel in 2021

The year 2021 will be a different one as far as travel is concerned. Normally, the choice of a travel destination is inspired by how rich a place is in terms of natural resources, wildlife, beautiful sceneries, and certain special uniqueness. But in 2021, one has to be alive of the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in a big way. Some places are not as habitable as they used to be and others are not open for travelers in efforts to keep the virus at bay.

For example, the beautiful beaches in Florida City. On a normal day, especially during holidays, thousands of people turn up to enjoy the scenery and the white sands. But in 2021 you expect the beaches to be mostly abandoned and that means they’ll be less lively. They might be crowded as usual, but then visiting crowded places puts you at a higher risk of contracting the highly infectious virus. The surest way of keeping off the virus is staying at home.

But life must go on and that includes the freedom to travel when you need to, for as long as you are mindful of your safety first. After all, you need to be well in order to enjoy your travels. For Example: Instead of commuting by public means, it would be better for you to seek an international drivers license as permitted to drive yourself when touring an overseas destination. You also should aim to visit countries that have been able to reasonably control COVID-19 and return to normalcy. 

With that in mind, here are the 8 most attractive countries to consider visiting in 2021 and why them.

1. Easter Island

If you are thinking of touring South America especially during the Easter holidays, Chile is a country worth considering. It is the home to Easter Island, a famous tourist attraction site in the Rapa Nui community. It is located approximately 35000kms from the mainland.

What makes it special are the amazing stone sculptures and the hundreds of statues known as Moai which led to the island having been declared a World’s heritage site by UNESCO. Up to date, some of the statues are still protected at the Rapa Nui national park, 15 of them at the Islands Moai platform, and the rest collected at the Aha Tangariki site. Being an Island, there are amazing beaches around it where you will get to relax at the white coral sands.

 2. Niagara Falls

A spring vacation in North America is definitely amazing. While there, don’t miss visiting Niagara Falls, in Niagara city, New York. In addition to being a huge source of hydroelectric power, the three famous waterfalls in the world make the place a great tourist site. The Canadian falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, all the three falls, make the Niagara Falls.

It is fun-filled ranging from the maid of the mist boat rides, gaping at the site from observation towers to learn the exciting history of the place. The host city, i.e. New York has a lot of exciting scenes that you can enjoy while vacationing.

3. Maasai Mara

A tour of the famous Maasai Mara wildlife conservancy in Kenya, East Africa would be great too. It is a reserve for all kinds of wildlife including the big five. Thousands of wildebeests migrate to the Maasai Mara from Tanzania giving it a very interesting view. All sorts of wildlife come in with the hope of preying on the wildebeests. Any time of the year would be okay as the weather in the place is moderate- never too hot nor too cold.

You will also enjoy the hot air balloons, sleeping in tents as the area is very secure and you will enjoy the rich culture of the Maasai community.

4. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is located in the North-Eastern of Vietnam, Asia. Ha Long Bay meaning ‘the bay of the descending dragon’. The sea is surrounded by a number of beautiful Limestone Mountains and Islands giving it a very beautiful landscape.

You will enjoy the early morning unique mist, the hidden lagoons through the tunnels, and boat rides. It is the best place to go kayaking with the cruises and it is fit for all ages including the children.

5. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a historic royal building located in central London. If you are into the Royal stuff, a tour of the palace would work for you. It is open to the public during the summer season.

You will get to see the well maintained 775 rooms, including 19 staterooms with historical arts, past and present paintings of the royal families, sculptures, luxurious carpets, a bronze made staircase among many other amazing royal things.

6. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney harbor bridge is one of the longest steel –arch bridges in the world. It is located in Harbour City, Australia. The bridge has served for over 84 years connecting the Sydney central business district to the north shore. The steel used to make the bridge makes it more special.

Visiting the bridge will make you enjoy a ride across either walking, cycling, or driving across. To get a better view of the beautiful scenery and the known Sydney landmarks, you can climb to the top under the guidance of professional climb Leaders at the place.

7. Golan Heights

Golan Heights are found in the northern part of the Israel Nation, Asia. Israel nation is rich with the Jewish culture and it is a perfect place most especially if you are traveling on a religious mission. Golan Heights is a beautiful, mountainous region with an amazing landscape.

You will enjoy the nicely bloomed flowers, especially during spring, viewing around the nature reserves, and hiking through the changing terrains depending on the seasons.

8. Ruby Beach (Olympic National Park)

Ruby beach is located in Washington, USA. The name is inspired by the ruby-like crystals in the beach sand.

It will excite you to watch the never-ending whales, a stroll in the near Hoh rain forest, tour the tidal pools and wake up to the amazing sunsets and magnificent sunrises.



Undoubtedly, there are more than enough amazing places in the world worth traveling to. Visit the most convenient place that suits your financial and time limits. But make a point to explore the World slowly and gradually and it will amaze you how beautiful it really is.

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