8 Most Attractive Countries to Travel in 2021

The year 2021 will be a different one as far as travel is concerned. Normally, the choice of a travel destination is inspired by how rich a place is in terms of natural resources, wildlife, beautiful sceneries, and certain special uniqueness. But in 2021, one has to be alive of the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in a big way. Some places are not as habitable as they used to be and others are not open for travelers in efforts to keep the virus at bay.

For example, the beautiful beaches in Florida City. On a normal day, especially during holidays, thousands of people turn up to enjoy the scenery and the white sands. But in 2021 you expect the beaches to be mostly abandoned and that means they’ll be less lively. They might be crowded as usual, but then visiting crowded places puts you at a higher risk of contracting the highly infectious virus. The surest way of keeping off the virus is staying at home.

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Canada Just Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary – Tips For Visiting This Wonderful Country


Ah, Canada. Home to hockey, great beer, plaid shirts, amazing music and the largest concentration of down-to-earth people you could meet anywhere in the world. With an eminent intellectual trade of astounding universities, beautiful weather and gorgeous, stunning landscapes, Canada should be the first one on your list when it comes to exploring a western culture that you haven’t seen before.
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Discover Secret Islands in 2017

Guest post contributed by Marie Nieves

Do you have a sense of adventure?

With some spare time on their hands, people often tend to opt for the more obvious choices when tourism is concerned. It mostly ends up being big cities like Rio De Janeiro, Paris or Dubai, or legendary locales like the sun-bathed Valley of the Kings, the snow–covered Himalayas, or the unique fjords of Scandinavia.
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