7 Useful Kitchen Tricks

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Cooking is what we do daily, and when we know how to do it well, it saves money and time, keeping us happy instead of hungry. While cooking, we encounter daily challenges. For example, after using different kitchen utensils and tools, we wonder how to thoroughly clean them. Often, we want to have breakfast and then figure out that our bread is moldy. Or while cutting vegetables and fruits with our knives, we see how they became dull and think of how to sharpen them quickly. 

We often harden our kitchen activities because of not knowing well how to do them easily and quickly. Let’s look at seven helpful and useful kitchen tricks that will save you time and find the solutions to the challenges above. 

Get Rid of Odours 

When people prepare food, the smell of the food often stays in the crevices of their hands, especially if the dish is made of onion or garlic. And it’s not a pleasant thing, as the cook wants to get rid of food scent, but sometimes even soap cannot help to get rid of the smell. Here is where our tips and tricks come into play to help remove the odor:

Lemon — Squeezing lemon and rubbing it on your hands can remove any odor keeping the fresh lemony smell. 

Salt — Take salt in your wet hands and rub it. After rinsing your hands with water, you will feel that the smell is gone.

Baking soda and vinegar —By making a paste of these two ingredients and rubbing them on your hands, you can remove the smell of garlic and onion. 

Keep Bread From Moulding

If you want to keep bread fresh and prevent it from molding:

  • You can use a breadbox. 
  • Freeze the bread to keep it from becoming stale. 
  • Place celery stalks in a bread bag. 

After placing the celery, some hours later, you will find out that it dried out because bread absorbs the moisture of celery which helps to prevent it from molding. 

Clean Microwave With Common Items

You can use everyday ingredients to remove dirt inside your microwave:

Lemon and water — Pour water into a bowl and add squeezed lemon juice. Then move it to the microwave and keep it for 5 to 10 minutes. Take it out with kitchen tongs or heat-resistant gloves so you don’t burn your hands. Wipe the microwave with a dishcloth.

Vinegar and water — Pour water into a bowl and add two tablespoons of vinegar. Put it into the microwave for 5 minutes and take it out with kitchen tongs. Wipe the microwave with a soft sponge or dishcloth.

Paste of baking soda and water — Make a paste of baking soda and water, and then apply them to stuck food. Keep it for 5 minutes and rinse with a sponge or dishcloth.

Use Tong Hacks

These incredible kitchen utensils are not only suitable for cooking but also can:

Clean hot grills — Grab a tong, hold a paper towel with it, and then clean the hot grill without burning your hands.

Bring down items — Reach for kitchen supplies on top shelves and bring them down with tongs. 

Squeeze lemons — Use tongs to squeeze lemons and get the juice.

Open bottles — You can open bottles by popping off the cap with a tong. 

Tongs are essential kitchen utensils as besides gripping, flipping, and serving, they can also have other functions, as seen above. Cuisipro Kitchenware provides a wide array of kitchen tongs with different materials, and you can browse the selection today. 

Sharpen Knives at Home

One of the kitchen essentials is a chef’s knife. Whenever your knife doesn’t work well, you get nervous while cooking and don’t enjoy the process. Here is a trick to do to sharpen your knife. 

Grab a plate or a cup with a ceramic bottom that you have at home. When you turn the utensils upside down, you can notice the circular surface on the cup or plate. Run your knife blade on that surface from top to bottom, keeping the angle of the knife at 20 degrees. Repeat running the knife several times on both sides. Afterward, try to cut vegetables and see how sharp the knife has become. 

Open Jars Easily

Many of us love jams and homemade juices but don’t love opening jars. You can open them easily with the following hacks:

  • Improve your grip — Sometimes, when our hands are damp, or the lid itself is wet, we cannot twist the jar properly. You can use rubber gloves or a dry towel, then put it on the slippery lid, and try to open it as you did before. 
  • Put a knife under the lid — Take a butter knife and put its tip under the jar lid. Move it around the rim to break the seal, and then try to open the jar. 
  • Tap the jar — Using a heavy spoon or the back of a chef’s knife, you can tap the lid several times and try to open it again. Tapping helps to loosen the seal. 
  • Pt it under hot water Heat can expand the lid and can help to break the seal easier. You can put the jar lid under the running hot water or in a bowl of hot water for a few seconds. Then grab the jar and open it with a dry towel. 

Clean the Cutting Board

You can clean your cutting board with three items — coarse salt, lemon, and towels. Wipe down your cutting board with warm water, then lightly sprinkle the coarse salt and scrub the board’s surface with a lemon. To do that, cut a lemon in half and massage the cutting board while squeezing the lemon to take out the juice. Afterward, wipe down the board with a clean damp cloth. You can give a shiny appearance to your cutting board by applying mineral oil to it and massaging the surface with it.  

To conclude, a kitchen is a place of miracles, and each item, tool, or utensil that we use daily may come in handy for cleaning kitchen tools, opening jars, or sharpening knives. Choose your favorite trick and try it out today.

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