French Patio Doors: The Perfect Addition to Your Home

Integrating the outdoors with the indoors is a part of the modern designing concept. However, it was not in practice before. It is gaining importance once again and is one of the most important changes that most designers and house owners want to incorporate in their renovation plan.  The french patio doors are very effective in integrating the outdoors with the indoors. They have the capacity to change the appearance of the patio for better and are the perfect addition that will go with every home.

What is a French Patio Door?

French doors are derived from French design and are designed to serve a double function.  They are used as both entry patio door and as entry indoors. In other words, it is a French door that separates two spaces. The French doors are used to get some privacy without affecting the visual connection between the two spaces. They are quite popular and a welcome addition to any home irrespective of where they are used.

How Does the French Door Look?

The french patio doors are popular for their classic timeless appearance and design. Since it should not affect the visual connection between spaces they feature a glass that is fixed to a wooden frame or a frame made of other materials.

What Are the Other Reasons to Install French Patio Doors?

You already know that the French patio doors help maintain the visual connection between two spaces. but the other important reasons that make incorporating French windows a good idea include:

  • Durability and weather resistance: While French windows in the past featured a wooden frame, you now have frames made of weather-resistant materials. Since the major portion of the door features a glass and you can get the amazing view of the lawn without being affected by any weather condition.
  • Lends a spacious feel: The french patio doors are usually of a sliding type which means that you can save the space that is required to keep the door open. Since the panels and cores can be customized based on the purpose of an individual and where it is located, it can lend a spacious feel to both the areas on both sides of the door.
  • Lets in natural light and air: The large panes of glass that are used in the French door will let in abundant light. Similarly, when you keep the french door open, you will be able to enjoy fresh air and ventilation.
  • Decorative options: There is a possibility to make the french patio doors a point of attraction as it is amenable to all kinds of artwork that is possible on glass such as stain glass painting, glass etching, frozen glass work and so on and so forth.

Type of French Doors and Their Installation

There are many types of French doors available in the market that can vary in window types, materials, types of glass used, as well as the size. But you have standard French doors that will face standard door openings. But for other types, you will have to opt for custom doors.  However, the French doors are broadly classification into two types:

  • In-Swing
  • Out-Swing

Apart from these two types of doors there are also sliding doors that will save space as well as inactive door panels that resemble the French door but will not open or close. The French patio doors are safe because they are easy to install and come equipped with a three-point lock system. You can opt for an attached grill to increase the security.

So, add french patio doors to pep up the style of your home.


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