6 Tips to Sell More on Poshmark

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Poshmark is a great platform for selling your new and used clothing and shopping online. There are no upfront fees, their commission fees are low, and you get access to a huge audience of active buyers. However, Poshmark does come with a learning curve. Once you’ve mastered it you can become one of the top, six-figure sellers. Here are six tips for selling more on Poshmark.

  1. Don’t Leave Anything Out

One of the best ways to attract buyers is to make sure that they’re well-informed. Poshmark provides a description section for your items. Use this area to explain the condition of the clothes. Discuss what flaws the item has. What brand is the garment? Do you have the exact measurements? Is it a relaxed fit item? These details may seem mundane, but when your buyer feels like they know everything that there is to know about an item then they’re more likely to purchase it from you. So don’t leave anything out.

  1. Sell in Season

Sure, you may be offering a high-end sweater at a discounted price. However, if you’re offering this item during the summer then it could be a while before you find a buyer. When selling on Poshmark you need to sell items that are in season. During the winter, sell hoodies, gloves, scarves, and coats. During the summer months, sell sandals, maxi dresses, sunglasses, and sun hats. You should only sell your items out of season if you’re willing to wait a while on your profits.

  1. Create Keyword-centric Titles

Believe it or not, Poshmark is a search engine and has its own algorithm. And just as is the case with Google, whenever someone types in a certain keyword it brings up the most relevant results. As the seller, it’s your job to use the keywords that are most likely to attract the audience that you’re looking for.

The best titles are specific. They include keywords such as the color, style, and brand of the item. Using the right keyword is easy when you put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. What words would they type into the search bar to find your product?

  1. Always Share

Poshmark is more than a platform on which to list your items. This app was designed to spark social interaction between its users. The individuals who share the most typically generate the most sales. Instead of only sharing your items with your following after you’ve created a new listing, try sharing multiple times a day with multiple audiences. How can you do this? You simply share in Poshmark parties.

Poshmark parties are held multiple times per day. And diverse groups of people attend each party so when you share during these events you’ll get access to large groups of people that you wouldn’t have otherwise. During these parties, you should also share items from other sellers’ closets. The best thing about this strategy is that a lot of sellers will share back. In fact, in some instances, if they like your closet they’ll follow you. And this increases your chances of getting more exposure.

  1. Avoid the Guessing Game

It’s no secret, the main goal of most Poshmark sellers is to make as much money as possible. However, in some cases, this can result in poor decision-making. This is especially true when it comes to pricing. It’s easy to assign your own monetary value to your items, but pricing needs to be based on Poshmark.

If you’re new to Poshmark pricing then you should take a look at what other sellers are asking for similar items. Consider their condition and price your items accordingly. If you can find similar items on Poshmark, you may consider researching other sites like Ebay to get a ballpark figure of what you should ask.

Even if you arrive at the perfect price there’s always a chance that the buyer could want to negotiate with you. It’s a good idea to remain flexible during these negotiations. This is especially true if the item has been sitting for a while.

  1. List Your Best Items First

First impressions can be lasting. And when it comes to the layout of your Poshmark collection, it can be the difference between your potential customers scrolling down to find out what you have to offer or clicking away to the next seller. If you want to capture your audience’s attention it’s best to list your best items at the very top of your page. This way, you’ll pique their interest from the very beginning.

Your best items are those that have been shared the most. They’re the items that are in the best condition. They feature pictures that offer the best lighting and styling. They’re also items that were made by the most in-demand brands. So take a look at your closet and figure out which pieces will cause people to scroll down.



One of the biggest keys to selling more on Poshmark is thinking from the perspective of your customer. What details would you like to know about an item before you make the final purchase? What items are you in need of this season? Which keywords would you type into the search engine in order to find the items that you’re looking for? What prices are you willing to pay for an item? What types of items will make you scroll further down a seller’s page?

Admittedly, sharing and engagement will take up most of your time. You can skip this process altogether if you use a Poshmark bot. A Poshmark bot can do all of the sharing for you. It can even follow and unfollow accounts so that you can focus on creating the ideal collection.


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