4 Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete Before Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year! Images of the holidays, snow, skiing, and other chilly delights dance through the mind when you think of this season, but this time of year is not all fun and games. Before the cold really kicks in, it’s important to prepare your home for the weather. There are many things you can do to ensure that your home is ready, but here are the four most important ways to get prepared for the chilly weather!

Insulate Doors and Windows

Who wants to pay a hefty heating bill? Insulating your doors and windows is a great way to save money while making sure that your home stays nice and toasty. There’s no point in heating the outdoors. Whether you use insulating tape or another method, the insulation process will also give you an opportunity to look over all doors and windows for damage and leaks.

Check on Your Heating System

When the cold weather hits, you don’t want your heating system to suddenly fail! Having to wait in the cold for a technician to drive over, spend time diagnosing the problem, and fix it is not on anyone’s to-do list! Issues with heating are bad enough when you’re physically in your home, but they can be an utter disaster if you’re away! Without proper heat, your pipes will freeze and possibly burst, leading to extensive water damage and a huge headache. Before the weather hits you, ensure that heat is getting to all of the rooms in your house. If some rooms seem colder than they ought to be, then you may have a ventilation problem, and that can lead to a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have any doubts, call a certified heating professional to check on your system before it’s too late.

Weatherproof the Septic System

If not properly cared for, septic tank systems are prone to cracking, freezing, and general malfunction in colder weather. Your septic tank is its own ecosystem, and in order for waste to break down as it should, the septic system must be warm enough. Consider putting an insulating cover over your septic tank to ensure that it does not get too cold. When snow comes, make sure the top of the tank is shoveled off. If too much snow or ice accumulates, the septic tank is at risk of freezing, clogging, and cracking. It’s also not a bad idea to pump the tank before the ground freezes, as it gets much harder to pump in freezing temperatures.

Ensure Adequate Drainage

Check all around your basement for any signs of water damage. If you’re getting water damage in the warm seasons, then it will be even worse when there are several inches of snow on the ground. Scan the perimeter of your home to look for spots where snow, ice, and runoff may accumulate. Fill in any pits near your foundation to ensure that they don’t become an entry point for water. Don’t forget to clean those gutters, either! They’re specifically meant for drainage, and if they’re clogged, the water is likely to find its way into your house.

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