6 Photo Booth Prop Ideas for a Sweet Sixteen

Sweet sixteen is a milestone in any young girl’s life. You all remember your sweet sixteen, and you will always cherish the memories of that day. To make your sweet sixteen one remember, you should have an unforgettable photo booth with five creative prop ideas!

A Rose Gold Crown

A rose gold crown is a great photo booth prop idea for your sweet sixteen. It will make you feel like the princess you’ve always wanted to be, and it’s super easy to find! Rose gold is trending now, so if you’re looking for something different from the classic tiara or sash, this would be perfect.

Who doesn’t love feeling like royalty? Plus, it’ll go well with any color scheme of your party decorating theme! For a spectacular experience, you should take your photos in a 360 photo booth. Wondering what is a 360 photo booth? Well, this is a photo booth that can take photos of you while it spins at 360 degrees, brought to you by Photo Booth International.

A Chandelier

A chandelier is one of the best photo booth props for a sweet sixteen. The light, gossamer fabric cascading down from it will give your pictures an ethereal feel. A chandelier is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s not too girly but still has a touch of femininity to it.

If you want to be more daring and edgy with your photography, getting some cool aviators or even wearing a bow tie is recommendable! You could also try adding in some trendy statement earrings, like these fun studs or these long dangle earrings, which are so popular right now.

Lace Gloves and Ballerina Shoes

A beautiful picture is incomplete without the right props and accessories! Lace gloves and ballerina shoes can make your photos look even more enticing and romantic. Your lace gloves and shoes will add a vintage flair to your photo booth pictures, not to mention they’ll make you look like a true princess.

The best part about this prop idea is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on it. Visit your local department store for some affordable lace gloves and ballerina shoes that’ll still get the job done.

A Set of Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are super fun, and you can wear them in so many ways! They come in so many colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, and it’s nearly impossible not to find a pair that speaks to you. If you want a simple yet stylish accessory, then it’s recommendable to get one color for each look rather than multiple sets in various colors.

This way, your photos will have a cohesive theme but still have a variety for your accessories. To get even more creative, you could try changing the color of your statement earrings for every different outfit you wear!

A Giant Teddy Bear Prop

A giant teddy bear prop is a great idea for any girl who loves her stuffed animal. If you have a favorite one that’s been with you through thick and thin, then this photo booth prop will be the perfect way to immortalize them in pictures.

This idea can work as an alternative to wearing a dress if your attire consists of jeans and a shirt because it’ll give off the vibe of being casual yet sweet at the same time.

You could also get creative by dressing up your teddy bear in different outfits from costumes, formal wear, even pajamas! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this photo booth prop ideas, so make sure you put on your thinking cap before going shopping for props!


A mustache is a creative and fun way to add some humor to your photos. If you’re looking for a more subtle prop, then try getting one in white or black! But if you want something that will make your pictures stand out from the rest, go for a big bushy brown mustache instead.

This idea will work well with any outfit, but it’ll look especially cute paired with a formal dress or suit because of the contrast between the two styles.

You could also get creative by matching your hair color to your mustaches since this adds even more variety and creativity to every picture! And if you want to be daring, I suggest wearing different colored mustaches so that each photo will have its unique style without being too repetitive.

Bottom Line

Sweet Sixteen is a milestone for any teen and deserves a styled celebration! One of the most memorable ways is through an unforgettable photo booth. Check out the above five creative ideas on what props will make your sweet sixteen photos even sweeter.

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