6 Home Interior Hacks to Get More Productive WFH Space 

The coronavirus has been spreading horror all over the world and now in our work lives. This pandemic has brought us in a house arrest that introduced the new side of the work from home culture. However, we can turn this new reality of working under boredom into a fun job. 

All you need to do is spruce up the interior to gift yourself a more productive work from home space. From adding plants to building a pallet desk, these unmissable hacks will not only help you be more productive with your work but will also give your house a new look. You can also contact styling interior designers to save your time & get a complete makeover. Click here to know more about it.

Make your balcony the new workplace

Sitting all day long, eyes occupied with a laptop screen, and surrounded by a dull environment is not the most encouraging way of spending your day. So, now shift your workplace to the balcony because why not? Good views and fresh air are what the perfect workplace sounds like. Add some contemporary floor cushions with a laptop table to make it comfortable. Bean bags and boho wall-spreads will take it up a notch. A small clock and pen holder right next to your laptop are some things that will elevate the look easily. 

Add plants

Staying fresh and positive while working from home is the most important thing to function efficiently, and nothing can help you do it better than plants. Adding plants near your workplace will eliminate the stress and give you the much-needed energy to survive the workload.

Plants need sunlight to survive, and now, that’s beneficial for you as well. The sunlight will brighten up the place, which will make you more focused and less lethargic.


Small paintings with a table lamp will add an artsy pop that stops you from dozing off while constantly staring at the screen. The more organized your new workplace at home is, the better you will be at your work. If your work from home days get boring, building a pallet desk could be the new boredom and pocket saviour. Surf through the internet to scoop out some fun DIY videos for pallet desks, and you’ll get a formal and sophisticated place to work from. To make it more visually pleasing, embellish the table with small pot plants, photo frames, and antique clocks.

Work chair makeover

You need to get rid of that old work chair because it’s just not exciting. You don’t feel encouraged to even sit on that chair. No, don’t go out looking for a new chair, but make this old chair your new chair. Decorate with plush faux fur, it feels soft, comfy, and looks so opulent that you can’t wait to start with your work every day. A shimmery cushion on the chair would be a great choice. 

Use shelves as working spot

If you believe in a house that is spacious and airy, using shelves as your new work desk is the answer you’re looking for. Use the ‘not-so-used’ wall shelving unit and place your laptop to start with your work. If you find it too unexciting to be working at, add some fancy art pieces on the shelves and books as well for your small work breaks. 

Workplace in front of the window

Working with the view of the outside world can be a distraction for many, and so, the trick here would be balancing work with a view. Place your study or work table in front of the window and shield it with net curtains. It’s a way of blocking the distraction and making the interior look more elegant. You can also add hanging plants or fairy lights on the curtain rod of the window to make it more interesting. 


After all, you need a workplace in your house that chants positivity and freedom. We may have very limited options with a pandemic going around, but these six life-changing hacks will take care of it.

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