4 Great Ideas for Home Extensions for Expanding Families

If your family is about to grow in size but you aren’t ready to move out of your home, then you probably need to think about a few steps that you can take to maximize the space that you already have. Here is a look at four popular types of extensions and additions that will make your home much more comfortable in the coming years. 

Top Floor Addition 

When it comes to home extensions, a top floor addition will be one of the biggest investments. That being said, a top floor addition will drastically change the functionality of your home as well as its overall value. Depending on the current size and shape of your home, this upgrade could potentially double your overall living space. You might be able to add multiple bedrooms, a new kitchen, an entertainment room, and quite a bit of storage space. 

Granny Flat

Granny flats have become very popular in recent years, and this is a great option for those who will be having an aging parent or adult child move in with them. Instead of altering your home, you can simply put up a standalone building on your property. Most granny flats are relatively small, but they almost always have their own bathroom and kitchenette so that the resident doesn’t have to go in and out of the main house. 

Ground Floor Extension

If a top floor addition isn’t going to be practical, then you might want to take a closer look at a ground floor extension. With that type of renovation, you will usually extend a few of the walls of your home to create one or more additional rooms. A ground floor extension might be a very choice for you and your family if you live on a larger piece of property that can accommodate a bigger home. 

Finished Basement

For those who want to make the most out of their home extension budget, a finished basement could be very beneficial. Compared to the rest of these options, finishing a basement is going to be extremely affordable, and it might increase the value of your home by an incredible amount. Finishing a basement can often be completed in a matter of weeks with relatively inexpensive supplies. 

As soon as you are done carrying out a major renovation, your home insurance policy must immediately be updated. After spending all of that time and money on a home upgrade, you want to be absolutely sure that you have adequate coverage.

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